South Park On IRC
compiled by Willie Westwood

The best way to visit a South Park chat room is to download an irc client and install it, then connecting to a server that has the channel you want to visit. You can install one of these three clients:
mIRC for PC users, you can use it for basic irc services, such as chatting, registering nicks, identification, downloading media
Invision for PC users who want to set up their own servers to distribute media, and for channel operators if they want it. Quite a powerful client, it includes mIRC.
IRCle for Mac users, you can use it for basic irc services, such as chatting, registering nicks, identification, downloading media.

Note: Before using a private message to talk to another user, ask the other user's permission in the main channel.

  1. Chat rooms - the links below are direct links. You should have installed mIRC, Invision, or IRCle before clicking on them.
    1. South Park Studios Chat Here you can talk to the South Park Studios Webmistress Breayle and find out what will happen in episodes before anyone else will - most of the time. Some SPS regulars and other fans are here, too. Long-time regulars began their own site at spschat. NO FILES ARE SERVED IN THIS CHANNEL! PLEASE DO NOT USE !LIST!
    2. South Park Trivia this used to be held every Friday, but now it's almost every Thursday..
    3. #southpark-episodes (mostly downloads) Here you can find all the episodes of South Park from the beginning. You can find other stuff here as well. Just look for the triggers, type them out, and explore the bounty. :)
    4. #southpark (mostly downloads) Here is another place to download eps and other stuff from.
  2. The Lingo - useful on message boards as well.
    1. afk - away from keyboard
    2. atm - at the moment
    3. bbiab - be back in a bit
    4. bbiaf - be back in a few (minutes)
    5. bbl - be back later
    6. brb - be right back
    7. btw - by the way
    8. fiik - fuck if I know
    9. fwiw - for what it's worth
    10. gg, ng - good going, nice going
    11. gj, nj - good job, nice job
    12. hiik - heck/hell if I know
    13. iirc - if I recall correctly
    14. im(h)o - in my (humble) opinion
    15. jfa - just fooling/fucking around
    16. jk(a) - just kidding (around)
    17. lm(f)ao - laughing my (fucking) ass off
    18. lol - laughng out loud
    19. mcl - much clown love (if you run across an ICP fan)
    20. motd - message of the day
    21. nm - never mind
    22. np - no problem
    23. otoh - on the other hand
    24. rofl, rotfl - rolling on the floor laughing (roflmfao - you can figure that one out. :))
    25. sotd - speak of the devil
    26. tbh - to be honest
    27. tmi - too much information
    28. ttfn - tata for now
    29. ttyl - talk to you later
    30. ty(vm) - thank you (very much)
    31. vgj - very good job
    32. wtf - what the fuck?
    33. y(v)w - you're (very) welcome