Sightings In South Park

South Park is in an area of Colorado famous for visitor sightings, which is the reason Chef moved there. Cartman had a close encounter of the first kind with them, as did the cows. Since then, the visitors have made an effort to let us know that they are indeed here, and that, as in Men In Black, they can live among us without being conspicuous. But if you look closely around you, you can see them…

March 27, 2002 FAQ

Q: How many episodes have "hidden visitors" in them?
A: Over half of them. Eric Stough, our Director of Animation, usually puts them in at the last minute. That is... if he remembers to.
Unfortunately, he doesn't keep track of them, so we don't have exact numbers.
Comment: If you include the usual sightings, like those on the pegboard in class and the missing visitor pic in the cafeteria, then yes, over half the eps have a visitor in them.

The Visitors, and Pictures, Images, and Statues of Them

The visitors here are just the visitors seen in the opening credits. No Marklar, God, Satan, or other aliens - them's not the ones we fans are asked to look for. But there should be variety. If a site has these other types of aliens, there's no reason to remove them. :)

Theme Song - Check out Going Down To South Park to see where the visitors can be found.

Leave your mouse over each visitor for a bit to see where it can be found.

101 - Cartman Gets an Anal Probe

Up to four of them appear at any given time. But if a visitor is caught, he could be served up for lunch at school!

104 - Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride

105 - An Elephant Makes Love To A Pig

This picture has also appeared in 315 - Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics, 407 - Cherokee Hair Tampons, 408 - Chef Goes Nanners, and in two flashbacks in 412 - 4th Grade

107 - Pink Eye

108 - Damien

The last picture shown also appears in 111 - Tom's Rhinoplasty. In that ep, when the kids are under their desks, the alien at lower right blinks.

113 - Cartman's Mom Is A Dirty Slut

201 - Not Without My Anus

202 - Cartman's Mom Is Still A Dirty Slut

203 - Chickenfucker

205 - Conjoined Fetus Lady

207 - City On The Edge of Forever - The following sightings are variations on the sightings seen before.

208 - Summer Sucks

209 - Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls

211 - Roger Ebert Should Lay Off The Fatty Foods

213 - Cow Days

215 - Spooky Fish

216 - Marry Christmas, Charlie Manson!

217 - Gnomes

302 - Spontaneous Combustion

South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut

A picture of one is in the cafeteria (see top of page). It's a fixture in the show.

307 - Cat Orgy

308 - Two Guys Naked In A Hot Tub

314 - The Red Badge of Gayness

404 - Timmy 2000

408 - Chef Goes Nanners

409 - Something You Can Do With Your Finger

410 - Do The Handicapped Go To Hell?

411 - Probably

412 - 4th Grade

502 - It Hits The Fan

504 - Super Best Friends

507 - Proper Condom Use

508 - Towelie

602 - Jared Has Aides

603 - Asspen

605 - Fun With Veal

606 - Professor Chaos

609 - Free Hat - What would visitors look like if they were updated, like E.T and the Star Wars trilogy were?

615 - The Biggest Douche in the Universe

616 - My Future Self N' Me

617 - Red Sleigh Down - Don't you hate it when visitors are too small to see clearly?

701 - I'm A Little Bit Country

711 - Casa Bonita

805. You Got F'd In The A

806 - Goobacks

910 - Follow That Egg!

914 - Bloody Mary

1009 - Mystery Of The Urinal Deuce

1109 - More Crap

1201 - Tonsil Trouble

1202 - Britney’s New Look

1203 - Major Boobage

1204 - Canada on Strike!

1205 - Eek, A Penis!

1206 - Over Logging

1207 - Super Fun Time

1306 - Pinewood Derby

1308 - Dead Celebrities

1309 - Butters' Bottom Bitch

1310 - W.T.F. (Wrestling Takedown Federation)

1311 - Whale Whores

1312 - The F Word

1313 - Dances With Smurfs

1314 - Pee

1507 - You're Getting Old

The visitors left the show after this episode and didn't return until Season 24

2401 - The Pandemic Special

We learned in the Coon & Friends episodes that Bradley Biggle was actually a space alien named Gok-zarah. He then disappeared for a few seasons and images of him have disappeared from the portraits in the Biggle house. He returned in Season 19 as an easter egg, like the grays before him. This is tied to the superhero video game "The Fractured But Whole," which features Coon & Friends, of which he was a member named Mint Berry Crunch. Here's the list of episodes he's appeared in, either walking around in the hallway or appearing in the "Have You Seen Me?" poster in the cafeteria.

1808 - Cock Magic

He appears with the other boys when the girls are handing out fliers to the volleyball game.

1901 - Stunning and Brave

He's at his locker whenn Butters runs up to tell the boys about Cartman getting four days' detention. He turns his back to the camera when Mr. Mackey calls Kyle to the principal's office.

1902 - Where My Country Gone?
1903 - The City Part Of Town
1909 - Truth And Advertising
2002 - Skank Hunt

He's on the "Have You Seen Me?" poster in the cafeteria.

1906 - Tweek x Craig

He walks around the corner and disappears as Stan talks to Kyle about his dad explaining how Asians make people gay.

2001 - Member Berries

In the school hallways, he walks off to the left in the background as Cartman rushes up to the boys to show them that he was beaten up. Bradley stops and looks at him.

There are sightings of a superhero that are less numerous than those of the visitors. This superhero hasn't been seen live, but his posters, statues, and statuettes are all over South Park. On his left hand is a device called the Orgazmorator, which if activated will cause orgasms in women, and even in men. Betcha Chef would love to own one. Our superhero: Orgazmo!


Before anything else, let me say that Cartman has a poster of Orgazmo behind his door, so any episode with Cartman in his room will show it. Here's the list so far:

Cartman Gets An Anal Probe
Chef's Mama
Cat Orgy
Tooth Fairy's Tats 2000
South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut

Orgazmo has also appeared in:

  1. The Spirit Of Christmas: Jesus vs. Santa
    1. A statue, near the mall. It falls on a group of kids after Kenny's head hits it.
  2. 102 - Weight Gain 4000
    1. A statuette Kathie Lee Gifford gives to Cartman for writing the best "Save Our Planet" paper.
  3. 107 - Pink Eye
    1. A statue in the cemetery near Kenny's grave.
  4. 205 - Conjoined Fetus Lady
    1. The World Championship Trophy, holding a dodgeball.
  5. 207 - City On The Edge Of Forever
    1. Three or more Orgazmo statuettes on a shelf in Marty's office.
  6. 606 - Professor Chaos
    1. A poster on Butters' door as he prepares his minions for chaos. A different poster is there earlier in the episode.