The Guest Stars of
"Best Friends Forever"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Heavenly Host

Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Peter

Kenny enters heaven through its gates, and he meets Peter. Peter tells him that his death is not an accident and then tells him why he's there. Kenny then meets Michael, who tells him why Heaven sent the PSP and how his high score will help them defeat Satan, who's revving up his armies in order to attach Heaven. Michael enjoys the smell of Sharpie marker fumes. When Kenny is revived on Earth, he disappears from heaven and Gabriel and Uriel are sent to Earth to get him back. They learn he's being kept alive with a feeding tube, and they have to remove it somehow without interacting with humanity. They learn quickly that Cartman has done that job for them, but also that Stan and Kyle mean to put the tube back in. They do what they can to stop them. Once everyone involved in the Kenny McCormick case learns what his last wish really was, they let him die. Kenny returns to Heaven with Gabriel and Uriel and resumes marshalling Heaven's forces against Satan.

Infernal Host

Kevin, Satan's Spy

Well, Satan's gone through Saddam, whom he's sent to Heaven, and Chris, whom he broke up with. Now he has Kevin, a more appropriate right-hand man, but even Kevin doesn't work out. Kevin has an unusual influence on President Bush though. Satan has a spy who seems to enter heaven without arousing suspicion and reporting back to Satan on stuff happening in Heaven. In this episode, he tells Satan about Heaven's "Keanu Reeves," who is actually Kenny, marshalling Heaven's armies against Satan through a Golden PSP.

HBC Anchorman, Kenny's Lawyer, Supreme Court Judges

Truck Driver, George W. Bush

The HBC anchor reports on Kenny's resuscitation, brain damage, and hospitalization, and eventually, on his death. Kenny's lawyer reads his will to the boys, but has lost the last page. That, with Kenny being brought back to life, has everyone trying to figure out what Kenny's last wish was. Cartman claims Best Friends Forever status and has Kenny's feeding tube removed. He even brings in the Supreme Court Judge on the left to make sure it's done. The justice on the right just asks if Cartman and Kennyy are BFFs.
The truck driver doesn't see Kenny and doesn't even notice that he's run over anything, he's so busy playing on his own PSP. George Bush is on Cartman's side, but he begins to echo the words of someone he doesn't see (more on that in the secrets).

Things to Notice

Hell's Pass Hospital now, and before

Seems Hell's Pass Hospital has made a few modifications since we saw it last. It's added red-tile roofing and moved its sign up above the top floor.

Satan: Bigger, Buffer & More Defined

Satan has come a long way since his star turn in South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut. Just look at those curved horns! That toned, muscular body! Those shorts! Kirei!! The legs are still relatively scrawny though.

Kenny's little sister

Now that Kenny has a little sister, it seems he can't be born and surpass her in age in less than a week, right? Right? Well, this is South Park. The impossible happens there weekly.