The Secrets of
"A Very Crappy Christmas"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

Peanuts - Kyle waits up for Mr. Hankey the way Linus waits up for the Great Pumpkin.

Stan is black Irish --- black hair, blue eyes.

"A Charlie Brown Christmas" is lampooned here. Trey provides the voice for Charlie Brown.

The nuggets spoof the Chipmunks a little bit.

Ms. Choksondik's deep voice is back.

In "The Wacky Molestation Adventure," we see Butters' parents for the first time. In this episode, we see his house for the first time.

The boys are lined up in mirror image formation when they see their likenesses as cardboard cutouts.

When the camera switches from the boys' POV to Butters' POV, Butter's hands move from the top of the poster to the sides. The hand positions change with the POV.

Kyle describes the essential features of Trey and Matt as he describes Stan and himself, respectively.

When Stan asks Kyle to try and do Cartman's voice, Kyle has a script in his hand. Next frame Kyle has no script, then Stan gives one to Kyle.

The Lion King's "Circle Of Life" is spoofed here with "Circle Of Poo," complete with savannah scenes and Mr. Hankey holding Cornwallis like Mufasa held up Simba, and Simba held up his daughter, on Pride Rock.

When Cornwallis sings, he sounds like Steve Winwood. But his lips fail to move when he sings this line: "Which becomes dinner for the human"

The show revealed the secrets of the animation of South Park and a version of how the short the show is based on came to be; how Matt and Trey had the characters talk, etc., so if anyone is thinking of following in Matt and Trey's footsteps, they have just given you a tutorial on how to do it. At least with construction paper.

The sound man's shirt reads
96.2 ROCKS
No radio station's frequency has an even number after the decimal point. At least not in the U.S.

The scene Kyle posts under Act II on the wall should come before the one posted above it.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Much of this episode is based on the Rankin/Bass animated TV film, including
  1. the plot - an attempt to bring the Christmas spirit back to a town that has lost it
  2. Mr. Hankey and his family - a parody of the the mice family, including the idea of the eldest child question Christmas
  3. the "Spirit of Chirstmas" short - replaces the clock that welcomes Santa with a song at midnight on Christmas, breaks down, and is repaired by the mice.
  4. "Even A Miracle Needs A Hand" - taken directly from the film, but sped up a bit and moved from Bb to C#.
  5. Kyle's brief but odd facial expression during storyboarding - Joel Grey's face in the film

"Even A Miracle Needs A Hand" is something of a stab at "Miracle on 34th Street": miracles don't happen by themselves

How come there are no cars at the drive-in when the film is finally shown?

Cartman appears with Stan and Kyle on the drive-in platform in the far shots when he shouldn't be there. Shortly thereafter, he pulls a George Costanza (who showed up to work on Seinfeld after quitting: "What, I didn't quit?") when he showed up next to the boys on stage

When the Mayor arrives to talk to the boys one last time, Kenny's body appears behind her. But the art store in front of which he's run over does not.