The Secrets of
"Fat Camp"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

A very subtle message seems to be delivered at the beginning of the episode. Ms. Choksondik has the class work on manatees. The one Butters' group is working on is still alive, so Ms. Choksondik delivers a blow to it, killing it. Manatees are a big attraction in Florida, the state that held up the Presidential election in November 2000 while its ballots were counted, recounted, and counted again. Ms. Choksondik's blow to Butters' manatee reflected Matt and Trey's feelings on the Florida matter: "end it already!" To underscore the point, there's a specialty license plate available in Florida urging you to "save the manatee":

In Howard Stern's office there is a love doll (Mia) from, a site for mannequin-like sex dolls.

Tom Green is Canadian. Oops, missed on the body types. The same thing happened with Alanis Morissette in "Chef Aid"

Three shows are lampooned in this episode: Tom Green, Jackass, and Howard Stern.

Rick has Gerald Broflovski's voice.

The blonde girl to Cartman's right in the mess hall has Stan's vice.

Chef's Fudge 'Ems are mentioned.

Cartman escaping and being returned to camp seems to come from Cool Hands Luke when Luke kept escaping and they brought him back and said something like "You're here until you do your time."

Fourth Grade does funny things to a boy's mind. In "Chicken Pox" Stan has no trouble using the word "prostitute", yet here he wonders what a prostitute is, as if he's heard the word for the first time when he was on Jesus and Pals. Chef seems to have forgotten his role in helping the boys find Frida, too. But consider that this is a new definition of "prostitute" the boys were encountering.

James Taylor's "Your Smiling Face" is spoofed here:
from James Taylor Online, Decenber 11.

JT Impersonated on "South Park"

Several folks have asked about the JT sighting on last week's episode of "South Park." Unlike on "The Simpsons," it wasn't really JT -- just a half-hearted impersonation of JT singing a raunchy homage to "Your Smiling Face" with Chef.

Many of the items the McCormicks have appear in the UC dorm rooms in this ep: the Pilsner Beer neon sign, the swimsuit model poster...

Although the Hopeful Hills Children's Weight Management Center has no snow on it anywhere, when the campers' cabin door opens and the camera looks out, there is snow on the ground outside.

What's wrong with this picture?
That's one screwy mouth

Kenny giving his grandfather a full-body sensual massage comes from Tom Green's SNL appearance, in which he smooches and licks his Dad all over the face like a puppy dog.

Having Kenny eat dog shit on Jesus's public access show was a tribute to John Waters' "Pink Flamingos."

Liane telling Cartman that he'll be "healthy and clean" when he leaves Fat Camp comes from "Mother" off "The Wall."

New item: Pop Toasties. Just like Happy Tarts, they spoof Pop Tarts.