The Guest Stars of
"Fat Camp"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Manatee and Manatee Schematic

The class gets manatees (a Florida mascot) and divides into groups to tackle them. Kenny is challenged to eat a manatee's brains, and after some protesting he agrees to do it. Later, Ms. Choksondik learns that the class should have gotten frogs instead of manatees for dissection, so she has the class reassemble the manatess.

Fat kids, including Horace Sanders, Chad, and Tony (shown below)

These are some of the kids whom Cartman meets in fat camp. They try and lose weight, but Cartman undermines all that by selling contraband food after taps. Some of the kids escape every night, but a fake ice cream truck always round them up. Cartman is just such a victim one night. Once in their cabins, the kids complain of cravings, and Cartman plans a way to satisfy those cravings. A few nights later, Cartman breaks out the good stuff after the counselors go to bed. Chad (lower center) breaks down and Cartman comforts him with a chocolate bar, charging him $4 for it. The blonde girl (upper right) gets two doughnuts and a pack of licorice. Tony (lower right) gets "the usual." Horace's parents visit the camp to see how Horace (lower left) is doing, but find he hasn't lost any weight. They want to take him away, and Horace is about to give the reason why he stayed fat, but Cartman glares at him and he doesn't say anything more. Camp ends and all the parents return for their kids. Chad's parents want a refund, as none of the campers lost weight. Chad is the first to confess the truth, and Horace follows him. The other kids confirm the story and beg for the counselors to take them back. The counselors permit it and Cartman is banned from the camp.

Camp Counselors Rick and Susan

Rick and Susan are the counselors who try to get the fat kids in shape, giving them foods low in sugar and fat, if not fat-free foods. They make sure the kids follow the regimen and they send out drivers to track down any kids attempting to escape. They're very enthusiatic about their work, but are willing to refund the money the parents paid to have their children thin down. The kids realizse they like being in fat camp and come clean about their remaining fat, and counselors see their work wasn't in vain.

Krazy Kenny Show and host

Kenny's very own show, and its host. Kenny gets his own show after displaying an amazing ability to eat just about anything anyone places before him, stating with manatee brains. On the show he goes out on the field and into a Porto-Potty. He goes into the septic tank and lets himself get crapped on for hours. Then he gives hsi grandfather a sensual full-body massage and .. well, his replacement climbs into Mrs. Crabtree's uterus and stays in there way too long.

James Taylor, Howard Stern, Tom Green and Johnny Knoxville

James Taylor shows up in the kitchen when Chef is singing about prostitutes and accompanies Chef on guitar. Once Principal Victoria.sees this Chef chastises James and James walks off. Principal Victoria, not fooled, calls Chef to her office. Meanwhile, Kenny begins to star in his own show and soon sets up a Pay-Per-View special. He's called in to guest on the Howard Stern show and talk about the special. Tom Green and Johnny Knoxville are also there. Howard is willing to offer them $50,000 apiece to give him oral sex, but Kenny, Tom, and Johnny begin a price was that has Kenny winning with a low bid of $10. The others withdraw, and Kenny gives Howard a hummer. The others proclaim him the biggest whore.

Druggie, as himself, Cartman, and Kenny

There's a boy who runs errands for Cartman. He poses as Cartman to convince Cartman's family and friends that he's cured of his obesity, but he's actually there to steal food for Cartman. He returns to Hopeful Hills Children's Weight Management Center to exchange food for money, and we find out that the boy is a drug addict, a druggie. Cartman sells the food he gets to other campes, and part of that money goes to the druggie. After a while the druggie asks for a bigger cut of the earnings, which Cartman allows, as long as the druggie doesn't blow his cover. Still, the druggie's behavior arouses Kyle's suspicion, as much because of "Cartman"'s behavior as his appearance. Kyle pulls off the druggie's hat and is vindicated for his suspicions. He presses the druggie to dress as Kenny and replace Kenny on the Krazy Kenny Show. The druggie dresses as Kenny, goes up into Mrs. Crabtree's uterus, and dies in there.