The Secrets of
"Helen Keller, The Musical"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

The scenes in which Butters runs down the hallway to the auditorium come right out of The Right Stuff whenever the Russians launched a new rocket.

Timmy picking out his turkey is like Charlie Brown picking that pathetic little Christmas tree in "A charlie Brown Christmas". He took it back to everyone else and they said "What the hell is that?", just like the SP gang did.

Timmy's house now has a second floor. Compare these two pictures:
Timmy's house in 'Timmy 2000'Timmy's house now.'

"Timmy, we already got a turkey." --- Kyle is supposed to be saying these words, but it's Stan who's speaking.

The same crap Cartman always sees is a tribute to A Clockwork Orange when Alex comes home the first night and closes his eyes: 'And oh what lovely pictures I did see.' It is all violent stuff - hangings, explosions, Alex as a Vampire, etc. The Nazi footage is stuff that Alex is forced to watch later in the film.

The lyrics to Andrew Lloyd Webber's "The Phantom of the Opera" were written by Charles Hart, not Tim Rice.

The boy who asks why his mom died is Kevin, the boy thawed from the snow, from "Summer Sucks."

The girl who lost her dog Robby is Marcy, from "Probably."

The facts on Helen Keller (hint: her father's name was not John):
Portrait of Helen Keller
DOB: June 27, 1880 as Helen Adams Keller in Tuscumbia, Alabama
Father. Capt. Arthur Keller
Caught a severe (scarlet?) fever at the age of 18 months which left her deaf and blind.
Anne Mansfield Sullivan entered Helen's life shortly before Helen turned seven and did indeed lead Helen to a water pump and began to spell W A T E R with the manual alphabet, the basis for American Sign Language. But Helen's first word this way was actually "doll."
Helen and Anne both went to the Perkins Institute for the Blind in Boston in 1888, and to the Wright-Humason School for the Deaf in New York in 1894.
In 1898 Helen entered the Cambridge School for Young Ladies to prepare for Radcliffe College. She entered Radcliffe in the fall of 1900 and received her bachelor of arts degree cum laude in 1904.
Helen became a suffragette and a socialist, demanding equal rights for women and better pay for working class people.
In 1924 she halped the American Foundation for the Blind in providing better services to people with impaired vision. The AFB was created three years before she joined.
In 1932 she became a vice-president of the Royal National Institute for the Blind in the United Kingdom.



As Timmy moves down the business district he passes by Tele's. The big-screen TV is missing.

Timmy has a lot more going on in his brain than his body will allow to be shown.

Timmy performs a feat right out of In The Line Of Fire and other films when he dives out of his chair and takes a bullet for Gobbles.

When Gobbles goes to jump through the ring of fire, no waterworks are seen. But as he steps through it a fountain of water is seen in the background

The turkey mass murder scene "Our turkeys are killed humanely" comes from the movie Soylent Green.

Though Principal Victoria claps, there is no sound of clapping. Again at the end of the play, the audience claps but there was no sound.

This episode can be seen as a tribute to The Who's Tommy, as that musical focused on a a boy who is deaf, dumb and blind, and whose experiences lead to enlightenment and sainthood (of course, the big thing in the episode was Helen Keller learning what water is, the first step on her journey).