The Guest Stars of

by Wild Willie Westwood

Gobbles and Alinicia, Jeffrey Maynard (Timmy's stand-in) and Lamond

Two Waterworks Installers, Some hunters

Gobbles is quite a defective turkey, which is why Timmy chose him. They are both handicapped, and they get along quite nicely. Gobbles cannot keep him head up. Timmy is asked to choose a turkey for the fourth grade play, and he chose that one. But Gobbles isn't much of a performing turkey, which is what Cartman wanted. Jeffrey Mayanrd, who was called in as a consultant, tells the class of a turkey he worked with on Broadway. Cartman asks if Jeffrey could get the turkey to perform in the play, and Jeffrey says yes. The next day the Broadway turkey shows up - . She's a fussy turkey, sensitive and beautiful, and she knows it. Cartman takes Gobbles out of the play, and Kyle reminds Cartman that only Timmy can play Helen Keller - no Gobbles, no Timmy. When Cartman says Timmy can have two turkeys, Lamond protests, saying his bird won't work with other turkeys. Lamond and Alinicia retire to their dressing room and Allenisia throws a fit. Cartman goes to check up on them, and Lamond suggest that Cartman have Gobbles killed. Later, during rehearsal, Cartman positions Gobbles to be struck down by an overhead light, but he forgot which light he rigged. Kenny is struck down. Later, Timmy is showing Gobbles a few tricks when Lamond comes and tells him that some people from an animal shelter are coming to take Gobbles away. Timmy sees two men round a corner, and he flees the building with Gobbles in tow. Those two men install waterworks for the play, but they don't do electricity. Jeffrey takes Jimmy's place as Helen Keller through to the end. Timmy find a place to get rid of Gobbles and shoos him away, then rolls away wistfully. When Timmy returns to the rehearsal without Gobbles, Kyle gets suspicious, and Lamond is proud of the success of his plan. Gobbles is picked up by a driver and finds himself among other turkeys headed for a slaughterhouse. Once there, his handicap helps him avoid the fate of the other turkeys. He escapes and faces the guns of some men from the town, inluding Jimbo. Gobbles runs away, and the hunters follow. Meanwhile, back at rehearsal Lamond's comments make Timmy realize what Lamond was up to, and Timmy rushes to save Gobbles from any danger. He shows up at Gobbles' former home as the hunters close in oin Gobbles. Timmy jumps out of his chair and takes a bullet for Gobbles, but comes up just injured. Timmy somehow conveys to the hunters that the real turkey they should go after is at the theatre, so they all show up and the hunters decimate Alinicia. Gobbles performs the trick in the finale quite nicely, and the kids and audience are impressed.

Man and boy cry over Mom's deathElderly man apologizes to his sonHusband and wife argueThe announcer herself
Public Service Announcement participants.

Cameos, basically. The man and boy cry over their loved one's death. An elderly man apologizes to his son. A couple argues over the husband's infidelity. Then the announcer appears asking the viewers if they've don the right things. The PSA was about these people regretting not doing the right things when they had the chance, but the father and son, and husband and wife, do get to make up after being negligent for so long.