The Guest Stars of
"Trapper Keeper"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Android VSM471 (aka Bill Cosby), Two Cheyenne Mountain security guards

The android arrived after learning that Cartman had the Trapper Keeper that could destroy the world. The kids thought him odd and too old to be a fourth grader, bu tthey soon accepted him. He did everything he could to destroy the Trapper Keepers Cartman kept getting, even sleeping with Liane, but Cartman kept getting them, and one of them took over him. Cartman began to morph and expand, and the android, who went by the name Bill Cosby, followed him to Cheyenne Mountain with the other boys, where all he could do was watch as Trapper Keeper took over the mountain. Eventually they approach Trapper Keeper and Kyle goes inside to disable it. "Bill" fears that it's too late, seeing Trapper Keeper fuse with everything. VSM471 stays around until Trapper Keeper is destroyed by Rosie O'Donnell; then he vanishes.

Rosie O'Donnell, Jesse Jackson

Rosie O'Donnell arrives after Filmore tells her of the voting dilemma in his class. Mr. Garrison throws a fit after Rosie details her plan to count the votes and count them agian. Rosie, being offended by the fit, threatens to bring the press and more lawyers and statesmen to town. Later she shows up with the others near Trapper Keeper and it swallows her up. Then it gets sick and dies, ejecting Kyle and Cartman, and a half-eaten Rosie. Jesse shows up to protest the black vote count, only to learn that there aren't any blacks in Garrison's class. He turns around and leaves.

Kindergarten Presidential Candidate Filmore Anderson, and friend
Filmore and Quaid, Kindergartners Jenny, Sally, Flora, and another girl

Filmore Anderson is Ike's rival in the kindergarten presidential race. His aunt is Rosie O'Donnell, who tries to break the tie. Jenny, Sally, the unnamed girl, and Flora are other kindergartners. Flora has the hardest time making up her mind. In the end, the other kids get tired of voting so much and want to move on to fingerpaint. Filmore's friend gets a name in the fifth season: Quaid.