The Guest Stars of
"4th Grade"

by Wild Willie Westwood

#1, blond#2, brunet
Nerd 1, Nerd 2

These two nerds work on Timmy's chair to make it a time machine so the fourth graders can return to third grade. They have a running argument as to how many episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series there were. Neither of them was right. Still, they argue over it enough to break up after they see their modifications finally work. Unfortunately, only Timmy got to travel through time. Stan and Kyle try to get the two of them to make up and get together to build another time machine so the rest of the fourth-graders could return to third grade. The effort pays off when Stan convinces the brunet nerd that they could go back in time to ask Gene Rodenberry for the definitive answer. This time machine is a microwave oven with a duck tied to it. The nerds get into a fight again, this time over Battlestar Galactica, and during their fight they activate the time machine, which turns into a portal the other kids can walk into and go back to third grade. They return in "Freak Strike" to put prosthetic testicles on Butters' chin so Butters can pass himself off as a freak and get a prize for himself and the other boys. We learn they live next to Kyle in this epiosde, and down the street from Stan in "Freak Strike"

Rescuer Hansen and his pilot, A brunette

When Timmy rolls down the street in his souped-up wheelchair, Hansen has to come down from a helicopter, flown by the pilot. His pilot has to match the speed of the helicopter to that of the wheelchair before Hansen could attempt to lift the woman off the wheelchair. He tries several things to take her off the wheelchair, but none of them work until he says that as long as the boy stays on the chair, everything will be fine. Which means she can get off at any time. When she realizes this, she just hops off and lets Timmy continue on his way. Hansen then gets to work on disabling the chair and then rises away from it, thinking he's disabled it. It simply speeds up and disappears.

New Fifth Graders

Now that the class in is fourth grade, the fifth graders are now in sixth, and the former fourth graders are now in fifth, and the three fifth graders above become the new tormentors. Note how fifth graders are the first kids to get noses that show.