The Guest Stars of

by Wild Willie Westwood

Tour Bus Driver

In the previous episode he runs over Kenny, and the other kids think Kenny is dead. In this episode he announces their arrival at Ensenada in Baja California and pulls up at a gas station. He learns from one of the attendants that the bus ran over a child. He asks if the kid is okay. Little does he know that Kenny is the kid he ran over, way back in South Park.

Boy wearing glasses, Ugly Girl

Marcy and Her Parents Stephen and Mom

The boy and girl are two of the kids Cartman purports to heal. The boy is healed of his sight and the girl supposedly loses her ugliness. Marcy becomes born again and her parents try to pull her out of Cartman's church. A piece of wood falls down from the ceiling and kills Stephen, sending him to hell. Marcy loses her dog, Robby, in "Helen Keller, the Musical"

Hell Director, A very pretty blonde girl in Hell, Mormons In Heaven

The Director of Hell greets everyone who comes into Hell in large orientation meetings. In a question-and-answer session he explains that the reason a lot of seemingly faithful people are in Hell is that none of them belong to the right religious group. Only the Mormons go to Heaven. But Satan has man trouble, as Chris and Saddam are constantly killing each other. Satan can only live with one of them, and it isn't Saddam, for Saddam had enjoyed his time in Hell too much. Satan talks to the pretty blonde girl, who tells him to talk to God, but Satan has his doubts about that, seeing as how he and God have become enemies. After some thought, Satan goes up to talk to Gad, who chastises him for being such a pussy. Satan makes up his mind and sends Saddam to God. Saddam finds himself among the Mormons.