The Secrets of
"Chef Goes Nanners"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

Stan's great-great-grandfather on his mother's side was one of the founders of South Park, which makes him a member of one of the founding families.

Wendy's back! It's good to see her again, normal. Since "Tom's Rhinoplasty," I've felt that the one great tragedy of the show was that Wendy was made to be such a bitch in sending Ms. Ellen to the moon that no storyline could ever include her again. In retrospect, it seems like a terrible foreshadow. And though Wendy had a sizable role in the movie, she remained rather silent on the show. Unfortunately, it took a new voice to cast Wendy anew as a normal girl.

You all know how shoes are drawn in South Park, right? Well, when the two male shoppers join Chef, Mr. Mackey and Principal Victoria in discussing the day of the march to City Hall, two other sets of shoes appear, which means two other people should have been there. Then, when Mr. Mackey says, "Yeah, Tuesday morning's good," two women come out and fill the spaces originally occupied by the shoes.

While this is going on, the "Supermarket" sign slowly floats up and away.

This is a meaningless dyn, but Mr. Wyland writes "Cartman" on the board instead of "Eric."

Sixteen students take part in the debate. There are more people than that in the class. Where are Pip, Jordan, Timmy, Bill, Faussy, and Terrence? And at the end, only four students are shown on each side of the debate.

The clock outside the cafeteria kitchen looks displaced.

"Abdul Mohammed Jabar Rauf Kareem Ali" How many celebrities can you come up with?
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Mohammed Ali
Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf (Mahmoud is the one name they didn't use.)

Generally, racism is not inherent in 8-year-olds. It is taught to them by their parents, older siblings, or older friends.

I'd love to know what Stan set on fire.

The symbol for Black Power is a raised fist. Chef supported it for a while there.

The picture Chef showed to everyone was of a Buddhist monk who burned himself to death in 1963 protesting the Diem government in South Vietnam. It rather explains why the monk Chef burned to death was also Buddhist.

Skeeter is in Jimbo's group.

The episode itself makes reference to the debate as to whether the Confederate flag, the Stars and Bars, should stay on the Capitol or not. The Court decided that the flag should come down, and on July 1, 2000, it was.

Gerald's law firm is still "Brovlofski and Jackson"

The kids now know that Kenny will always return. Stan's reaction to Kenny's death is one of bemusement, as he says that this death is a good one (death by antacid).

Mr. Hat is indeed at the KKK rally in the woods. He's not attached to anyone's hand, though. He's on the ground.

The picture of Russell Crowe in the Testaburger bathroom was taken in Century City.

The bird costume the KKK member wore is like the one Primus was shown performing in during Chef Aid.

After Wendy speaks, she, Cartman, and Stan replay the interactions between Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo in The Emprie Strikes Back

It's understandable that Stan is shocked that Wendy kissed Cartman, but every time she tries to kiss him he throws up on her. Cartman got somethng Stan can only dream about.

Interesting to see one standing black man and one hanged black man on the same flag.

Halfy returns for the closing scene.

Cartman (birthday: July 1) is a true Crab - all snappy and hard-boiled outside, but a bit tender inside. He has the classic lunar humor most Cancers have, but he usually keeps it hidden from others. Shelley found this out last year (1999), and Wendy finds it out this year.

Jon Brewer tells me the following about American Indians:
Real Indians get sick of the New Age bull. The common term used is "twinkie", because they're sweet and useless. Typically, twinkies tend to accuse the Indians of being racist.
Interesting that she says "the spirit of Maya", since "maya" is Sanskrit for illusion. (Matt and Trey probably put that in there intentionally.)
Dream catchers actually began as a joke. Basically take a fishing net and add some hippie things to it.
Interesting use of tampons, since many tribes had menstruation taboos.
Real Indian medicine tends to be closer to scientific medicine than you'd think. One main element is that disease is caused by tiny animals, and that the only way to get better is to either kill or expel said animals. Of course, that's too "allopathic" for altmed people.