The Guest Stars of
"Cherokee Hair Tampons"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Mr. Wyland, substitute teacher

He took over for Mr. Garrison after Mr. Garrison was arrested for soliciting young boys. He had the class make a greeting card for Kyle, and they used Butters as the basis for the card. In "Chef Goes Nanners" he has the class debate whether the South Park Flag should be changed, as the current one shows a black man being hanged. Quite a change from Mr. Garrison, who was flamboyant, Mr. Wyland is as normal a teacher as South Park ever gets.

Miss Information, Carlos Ramirez and Chief Running Pinto

Miss Information is a dealer in alternative and holistic medicine. Mrs. Broflovski goes to her for help with Kyle because she's heard great things about Miss Information. Miss Information tries to heal Kyle from his diabetes, but it doesn't work. She enlists the help of Ramirez and Running Pinto, but they realize Kyle's condition is such that he needs a doctor's care, not Miss Information's quackery. One of the things the men do sell is Cherokee Hair Tampons, which all the women buy up. Once the townsfolk realize that the men and Miss Information really can't cure people with their kind of medicine, they attack the three. Ramirez and Running Pinto manage to escape.