The Secrets of
"Great Expectations"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

Masterpiece Theater is lampooned in this episode. The music playing during those segments is from Vivaldi's The Four Seasons: Spring

Pip's hair is fuller here, and his last name is spelled Pirrup. Parents: Phillip and Georgina. That makes Pip Jr.

The Lawyer has the General's voice from SP:BLU.

As of December 2000, Tony Blair is Prime Minister, not King.

Malcolm McDowell has two connections to South Park: He was Alex De Large in A Clockwork Orange and Dr. Tolian Soren in Star Trek: Generations.

Genesis Device - From Star Trek II and III, part of the Genesis Project, the device used to bring new Edenic life to an otherwise unsuitable planet.

The folks in this episode use "ads." Was this the common usage in Dickens' time? These days, the word in use is "adverts."

Cars didn't exist in Pip's day.

Why does the armchair's control panel look less detailed the second time the robot monkeys make their appearance?

Pip is drawn quite nicely here until the end of the episode, during the final showdown, when his familiar features return.

Pip begins to sound like Kyle with an English accent.

The voices of Pip's sister and Joe sound Pythonesque.

The number of bunnies Pocket put in a sack and lent Pip is not known, though Pip pulled out at least 27 of them when trying to draw Estella away from her mother. Estella kills 26 of them and Pip keeps one from being killed, yet when Pocket asks for his bunnies back, neither Pip nor Estella offers any. Indeed, they were eager to get out of the dining room quickly, so they must have forgotten at least one bunny, leaving it to die in the flames.

On the season 4 commentary for this episode Trey and Matt said "This episode is unpopular." The network responds to fans, folks, so you know fans don't like this ep if the network isn't airing it in reruns. When SP went into syndication, a few broadcast stations began to air it a bit, and Comedy Central reaired it on December 4, 2006.