The Guest Stars of
"Great Expectations"

by Wild Willie Westwood


Joe and Mrs. Joe, Ex-Convict, Lawyer, Pocket

This episode is most remarkable because it tells Great Expectations in its time period, with the Pip we know from the present. Joe and Mrs. Joe are his parents here. Joe is looking for a new job, and he shows his talents in making just about anything out of metal. Mrs. Joe is a housewife, but she's a bossy one compared to Joe's tender self. When we first meet Pip here, he's confronted by an ex-convict. He offers food to the ex-convict and breaks him out of his chains. The ex-convict is quite impressed with this act of kindness. Later on, Pip gets to go to London because of some money sent to him by an anonymous sponsor by way of a lawyer, shown above. He learns in the end that the ex-convict was the sponsor who had sent him the money for proper schooling, and that the ex-convict had indeed turned his life around and become a millionaire. Mr. Pocket is the boy Pip first met at Mrs. Havesham's. Pocket was there as one of Estella's living toys, a boy there only for Estella's amusement and not her friendship. Pocket later shows up at the same gentleman's school Pip attends in London, and they become best friends. They return to Mrs. Havesham's because Pip, now a gentleman, is determined to take Estella away from Mrs. Havesham's influence. Unlike the original story, Pip's efforts worked this time.

Ms. Havesham, Estella

Ms. Havesham is the woman who would not see her daughter Estella fall in love with any male, and so raised her daughter to hate men, to use them for her own pleasure, and to dispense with them when they no longer amused her. Ms. Havesham was stood up at the altar when she was young, so she left her house exactly as it was on that wedding day. Pip found Estella quite lovely and was sure she was as lovely inside as she was outside, if only she weren't so icy towards boys. Things were working exactly as Ms. Havesham had designed them to, but her goal in this version went far beyond exacting vengeance on the male gender for being stood up at the altar. When Pip returned as a gentleman he found his feelings for Estella had not diminished; indeed, they were stronger now, but he learned she had gone to school to be a lady and now had a boyfriend, an older boy. Ms. Havesham's ultimate goal, and the fates of all involved, are given below.

Steve, and Other male victims

Steve is the boy who was introduced to Estella and came to be her boyfriend, but he was just another victim in Ms. Havesham's scheme to exact vengeance on all men because one man failed to show up to marry her. He, Pip, and other learn that she wants to do this for all eternity, and that the first place to start is with Estella - she was going to unite her soul with Estella's in order to continue breaking the hearts of the male sex. She needed Esella's young body to do this, though, as her own body had grown old and incapable. Along the wall was a rack with a bunch of other men and boys whose hearts Estella had broken, and whose tears Ms. Havesham needed to fuel the Genesis device she had designed to unite her soul to Estella's. Pip and Pocket returned in time to stop the device and free the men and boys. Pip persevered in winning Estella over, and he finally suceeded.

A British Person (Malcolm McDowell)

Nothing need be said about him except that he narrated the story for the viewers.