The Secrets of
"Timmy 2000"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

Stan's first utterance is a reference to the amount of homework many kids are getting these days. They get more homework, but come out of high school less prepared for college than their parents were. Especially here in California. offers the two books the clinic doctor reads as paperbacks with the following data: "A Farewell To Arms" at 332 pages, and "The Great Gatsby" at 216 pages. The doctor read "The Great Gatsby" in 7 hours, 8 minutes, or 428 minutes. Assuming both paperbacks have the same page dimensions, margins, font size and line spacing, the doctor would have read "A Farewell To Arms" in 10 hours, 58 minutes.

I thought Mark was the drummer, not Jonesy.

The Christina Aguilera monsters look like the Zanti Misfits from the original Outer Limits episode of the same name.

In the band "Sisters of Mercy Hold No Pain Against the Dark Lord," the keyboardist, dressed in red, has "RED" on his shirt. The guitarist, dressed in blue, has "BLUE" on his shirt.

Lollapalooza is deliberately mispronounced here, because Phil Collins is a part of it. So Matt and Trey are going after Phil Collins and everything associated with him.

"Phil Collins, by the way, divorced his wife via fax and then married a 27-year-old." - There's some truth in this statement. One would assume that his wife, Orianne Cevey, was 27 when they married, but that's not the case. She was 26 when she and Phil married on July 27, 1999 (27 when this episode was made). They met in 1994, when she was 21 and he was still married to his second wife, Jill Tavelman, whom he divorced in 1996.

The overhead shot of Skyler after he and his band win the Battle of the Bands shows the curtains drawn wrong.

  Hot Lunch Menu  

  1. Gumbo With Rice
    And Cornbread

  2. Cream- Chip- Beef
    On Toast

Ritalin makes you attentive, mellow and courteous, a proper kid.

There are side effects to Ritalin, after all. In the episode, Cartman sees little pink Christina Aguilera monsters. In fact, the dose-related side effects are: decreased appetite at lunch and a delayed bedtime. Some kids can get irritable as the drug wears off, and a few report stomachaches and headaches. Some kids may grow more slowly from the medication, but should still end up as tall as they'd be without it.

Irony of ironies: Trey and Matt rag on MTV and their song, "Uncla Fucka" is a nominee for Best Musical Performance at the MTV Movie Awards. I guess that's cool.

Phil Collins is made to sound like The Gumbys from Monty Python's Flying Circus. The Gumbys always talked in a very loud monotone. "Oooo, my brain hurts!"

When Kyle offered Mr. Garrison some Ritalin, Mr. Garrison should not have taken it. If Mr. Garrison was going crazy without Ritalin, he'd be bouncing off the walls with it. That is, Ritalin really is a stimulant in adults.

Mile High Stadium was South Park Stadium in "Damien."

Skyler's last name is Moles.

More stabs at Disney: "Reach for the Skyler" takes on Woody the Cowboy's famous phrase, "Reach for the sky!" in Toy Story.

When Chef tells the doctor and pharmacist about the kids going to see Phil Collins in concert, the same voice comes out of both men.

When Chef is in the pharmacy, the door in the background is open in one shot, magically closed in the next, and then open again!

"Bu bu budio" is a spoof of "Su su sudio," a Phil Collins hit in the 1980s.

The substitute chef, Mr. Durp, is seen serving lemonade at the Lalapalalapaza concert.

"You'll Be In Me" spoofs Tarzan's "You'll Be In My Heart" and could be a reference to Frank Zappa's "I Have Been In You," which spoofs Peter Frampton's 1976 hit "I'm In You."

Whoever did Helen can now do Shelley.

Check out Psychiatric Drug Facts, by Dr. Peter R. Breggin for more info on Ritalin and ADD.