The Secrets of
"Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

Butters learned the ropes quick. He's gone from goody-goody in "Two Naked Men In A Hot-Tub" to a trash-talkin' boy in this episode in just nine months.

Cartman's age is rolled back to eight.

Kenny is bleeped for the first time!

The chase scene spoofs both the OJ chase in his Bronco and the slow-speed chases (and the drama built up around them) that occur from time to time.

When Cartman is driven through the prison, he looks out the left window, but the way the scenes move across the screen indicate that Cartman is actually looking out the right window.

No. 24601 is the number assigned to Jean Valjean when he arrived at Toulon Prison after being sentenced to five years of hard labor for breaking in and stealing a loaf of bread from a bakery in Les Misérables. Four escape attempts brought the total to 19 years. But even though the warden gives this number to Cartman, he wears number 26354 on his orange uniform.

Romper Stomper - named after the "Romper Stompers" (upside-down plastic yellow pails with green straps which you'd tug to make them stay under your feet), from Romper Room, a children's show that ran from 1954 to 1979, in franchise and syndicated forms. I remember those Stompers well. Glue them on tight to your shoes and they become platform shoes.

The teardrop tattoo - a sign that the inmate has killed someone. Johnny Depp wore one under the left eye, like Romper does, in Cry Baby.

The music heard while Cartman is in prison sounds like the music used in the HBO show Oz

Phil Collins Hill is the first reference to Phil Collins after the Oscars, but the supposition that its elevation is a comment on the size of his head or his ego doesn't work for me.

You can tell which boys Matt voices: their voices crack here and there in this episode.

Normally, you'd use pig Latin on every word, but Stan and Kyle use it on key words and speak the rest of them normally. Unless they get pissed. Then almost every word is in pig Latin. For those who don't know, pig Latin is derived from Latin words in plural feminine form - florae, for instance. In English, it is pronounced "floray" The rule is that any leading consonants are taken to the back of the word and "ay" is attached to them - scram (scr-am) becomes am-scr-ay, or amscray; Garrison becomes Arrisongay, Cartman becomes Artmancay, and so on. But Arthur becomes Arthuray, eel becomes eelay…

Token's house looks more like the Ramsey house than the rich kid's does in "The Tooth Fairy's Tats 2000."

While Stan, Kyle, and Token present their hate crime proposal, Stan calls the Governor Mayor, and Kyle talks of winning the sledding race on Thursday, not Saturday.

Side shots of Romper Stomper leave out the tattoo under his left eye.

Clyde is seen in two places at once in one scene. On race day, when Stan asks for him, Clyde steps up to ride for Cartman. At this point you can also see him in the background, beyond the third girl on the girls' sled.

How often do prison visits involve a visitor seeing an inmate at the inmate's cell?

Cartman shitting Disneyland attractions? Why not? Prices to get into the park are now $41 for all people 10 and older. Who needs that? But even this links back to Phil Collins. Disneyland is owned by Disney. So is ABC, on which the Academy Awards aired this year. And one of the categories for which the Oscar is granted is Best Original Song, which the Academy decided Phil Collins, who made "You'll Be In My Heart" for Tarzan, a Disney film, deserved this year.

Cartman sympathizes with criminals. He visits them in jail. First he visited Charlie Manson and brought family and friends along to sing to Manson. Here he visits Romper Stomper and gives him a few things.

Spies! A girl, the one from home ec class with short tails at the base of her head, is among the boys when Stan's sled team practices and the boys elect Clyde to replace Cartman.