The Guest Stars of
"Bike Parade"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Mall Worker 8, Driver, Girl, Boy, Mrs. Zewiski

Man 3, Man 4, Man 5, Man 6, Man 7, Man 8

The mall worker isn't immediatly satisfied - fulfilled - with his job, which is just packing a grinder into an Amazon box. The driver is heading to the strike with a bunch of other wtrikers, but gets confronted by Man 4, who is purchasing some Kush for his wife. Man 3 is the first one to show up at Randy's door for some weed. Man 5 wants more than an ounce. Randy won't offer any more, so the man tells Randy he'll just go to the Anderson farm and purchase the amount he wants. The girl is awed by Butters's ultra-fancy bike. The boy is the lucky kid who opens the box with Josh in it - and gets a nasty surprise. Mrs. Zewiski asks her husband where he's going, and he tells her he's going to cross the picket line.