The Guest Stars of

by Wild Willie Westwood

Amazon Fuifillment Center

Gruff Worker, Bearded Worker, Beefy Worker, Jeff Bezos, Josh Carter

The first three guests here are some of the Amazon workers. The gruff one is in the carpool with Stuart and Stephen, and butts heads with Stephen about how the strike is affecting their kids' chances at the bike parade. The bearded worker is the first to call out Josh being scooped up by machines, and wonders who the corporate leaders think they are making them work even more carefully than they already are. The beefy worker tries to shut down the factory machinery, but the button he presses doeesn't work. Jeff Bezos is the head of Amazon whose head resembles that of a Talosian. He and the Mayor reach an agreement that, if broken, means bad news for her. Josh Carter is the worker who is bumped around by the machines and ends up boxed and ready to be shipped. He begins to talk in Marxist terms.

Larry Zewiski, Singers

Larry is the older boy with a flashy tricycle, out to impress the girls. Two of the Raisin girls follow him and check out his blue ribbons. The Celtic singers sing about working at the Amazon Fulfillment Center.

The Mall Workers

Mall Workers 1-7

All of thtese workers have been in the darkness of the mall for so long they look like mole people. The first worker is at Wiener On A Stick. The second one may have worked at the mall theaters. The third one worked at Chie. The fourth one seems to have worked at PetsMart. The fifth worked at BathWorks. The sixth seems to have worked at Foot Locker. The seventh seems to have worked at Macy's.