The Secrets of
"Buddha Box"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

Interesting that Cartman is wearing a contraption that seeks to block out all unwanted noise, as this was the impetus behind headphones back in the day. You get to block out everyone around you, they get to not hear your music or audio. Win-win.

A lot of the scenes involving the PC Babies here are modelled on the old Muppet Babies (Jim Henson, 1984-1991) whlie the logo evokes the reboot (Disney, 2018).

The doctor noting Cartman thinking back over the season's events is reminiscent of Season 20's prmeise all the reminiscing, including the memberberries, had to do with JJ Abrams taking over the Star Wars film franchise.

"Everyone sucks so hard, you know?" - "You're Getting Old"

When Cartman breaks down in an intersection in town, the marquees around him (Tom's Rhinoplasty, Tele's) are shown backwards. This was corrected when the uncensored version went online just a couple of days later.

"aba daba." - Aba cadabra, which is a phrase that existed in Roman times, so there's nothing against Muslims in it. Or maybe it refers to Abu Dhabi, "father of the gazelle."

The promo was fixed - the focus was moved from 'phone' to "anxiety."

Riley's hair is blond when the PC Babies are in the living room, but turns light brown when they go past teh bathroom.

It's been a while since Pi Pi's Waterpark was destroyed by pee. It's been cleaned up and brought back to its former glory.

"In the Hindu religion, there's a saying, 'namaste'." - but he's wearing the Buddha Box, which suggests he's following Buddhism, not Hinduism.

The boys are still in 4th grade, but the PC babies have gone from being born to walking and crawling in just a few episoes.