The Guest Stars of
"Buddha Box"

by Wild Willie Westwood

The PC babies put on their first protests and make a hit song

Patron 2, Patron 1, and Mike; Barkeep

Laborer and Foreman, Record Producer and Sound Engineer

The PC babies take action when both their parents are wearing Buddha Boxes. Their first stop is Crunchy's Micro Brew, where they cry over the names of certain drink descriptions. The barkeep decides to take them off the menu while Mike and the other two try to appease the babies. The babies then go to a construction site to protest the new viaduct over the state, which is financing it, refusing to finance a proposed program on race-relation education. A record producer learns of their protests and invites them to record a new song. He has the sound engineer record them and they both like the results, so the producer takes them to a radio station to premiere the song.

Cartman takes the Doctor's advice to heart

Waiter, Diner, Tele's owner, Pedestrian

The waiter tries to take Cartman's order, but Cartman shoos him away to focus on his phone via the Buddha Box. The diner tells Cartman to lower the volume coming from the phone. Cartman leaves in a huff. Tele's owner says hello, but Cartman dismisses him. The pedestrian sees Cartman enter an intersection and warns him about a car that could hit him. The car merely honks as it whizzes by, so Cartman just gets pissed off and everyone stops to listen.

Buddha Box commercial

Man, Woman and Husband

The man extols the virtues of the Buddha Box in helping him cope with his three kids. The woman extols the virtues of the Buddha Box in helping her cope with her husband's mother - by putting on the box and not talking to her mother-in-law.
The front desk officer from #HappyHolograms returns here in the same role.