The Guest Stars of
"Nobody Got Cereal?"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Should We Start To Worry?

Jim Kimble, Alec Vaughn, Guest

Jim Kimble is the hose of this new show, debuting after ManBearPig began destroying the town and killing its residents. No reason to think he's Sharon's dad, though. Alec comments on how ManBearPig took Satan down like a bitch, and thinks maaaybe it's time for people to think about starting to worry. The Guest agrees, and adds that the time to do so is... very soon.


Officer Jenkins, Officer 7, Officer 8

Even the police succumbs to RDR2. Jenkins is seen in the beginning of the episode playing the game and enjoying it too much, given the inmates he has to look after. Cartman tricks him into letting them go, and Yates hears about it later on. Officer 7 tries to tell Yates that the carnage at Jared's was due to ManBearPig, not school shooters, but Yates is hearing none of it. Officer 8 takes to the megaphone and orders the boys to drop to the ground and put their hands on their heads.


Husband and Wife, Speaker, Margaret, Mr. Clarkson, Reporter, Lawyer

Townsman 1, Townsman 2, Townsman 3, Townsman 4, Townsman 5, Townsman 6

The couple comes out of Jared's full of hope for their future, but ManBearPig runs by and rips the husband to shreds. The speaker hosts the symposium that leads to the new show "Should We Start To Worry?". Jr. Clarkson remarks that ManBearPig took two of his children and destroyewd hiw their home, then observes that Satan is in the building. Townsman 1 retorts that the man's losses have no exact correlation to ManBearPig. The reporter presents the two prevailing opinions on the reality of ManBearPig. Margaret reveals that her generation made a deal with manBearPig, figuring it wouldn't be alive to see the consequences of that deal. Townsman 2 screams "No! No!" as he runs from ManBearPig, but ManBearPig catches up to him and kills hin. Townsman 3 observes that Satan is dead. At the end of the episode, while the crowd waits for Stan to appear and announce the terms of the renegotiation, Townsman 4 announces Stan's appearance at the window, and Townsman 5 asks if the renegotiation is over. Townsman 6 is dismayed that he'd have to have his rice without soy sauce from now on.