The Guest Stars of
"Time To Get Cereal"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Receptionist, Susan. Husband

The boys walk up to the receptionist at Denver City Hall and ask her if she's seen Al Gore. She tells them the man in the picture they show her looks very much like Jim Turner, state bowling champion, and tells them where to find him. The boys recognize Gore as soon as they see him. Susan and her husband argue over ManBearPig, but she can see ManBearPig while he's trying to convince her that ManBearPig isn't real. She tells him to look behind him, and he admits that ManBearPig is real. But what to do about it now, and what would anyone else do about it? ManBearPig bites down on his head and crushes it.

Officers 1, 2, 3, 4 (left) and 5, 6

Officer 1 asks Yates if he's going to enjoy some rest and relaxation. Later on in the episode, he reveals that one can bypass the first brawl at the saloon by hunting with Dutch in Red Dead Redemption 2. Officer 2 alerts Yates every time a new death of a kid is called in. Officer 3 notes that the kindergartner killed at South Park Elementary was eaten after being killed. Officers 4 and 5 investigate the carnage at Baskin Robbins and mention Stan and Kyle as the friends of the two suspect kids, and now all four boys are implicated in recent school shootings. Officer 6 tells the suspects to put their hands where the police can see them.