The Secrets of
"The Scoots"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

Pretty topical, as e-scooters are being used everywhere and just being dropped off wherever for the next rider to use. But they've begun to litter the streets and make other forms of transportation difficult. For this reason, many cities have begun to outlaw them, something the town tackles later on in the episode.

AmEx - American Express

"Hey Willy Wallacky, hey John Dougal" - William Wallace is an important figures in Scottish history. Not sure about John Dougal.

The scene where Mackey takes the scooters to the cliff and tosses them over is from "How The Grinch Stole Christmas." In the book and TV special, the Grinch collects anything and everything that has to do with Christmas and tosses it all from a cliff to destroy it. But he couldn't destroy the Christmas spirit, just as Mackey couldn't destroy the scooter epidemic.

Fun fact: Officer Brown was previously known as Officer Barkley in "Obama Wins" 6 years ago.

Craig sounds like Bradley Biggle here.

You can see kids drift on their scooters from time to time.

Kenny stays on the tower the whole time it falls to the ground, but is gone on impact. One can ssume he jumped off just in time.

Lex Lang voiced the narrator, Adult Kenny. Nowhere in this episode does he say he died and came back, nor is that shown.

Kenny laments that the coming Halloweens will be quite different from the ones he grew up with, and not nearly as good.