The Guest Stars of
"The Scoots"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Food 4 Little Associate, Guard, Neighbor, Reporter, Officer

I'd include the 10 scooter riders who had lines, but they're just quick apologies to Mr. Mackey for bumping into his car.
The Food 4 Little Associate tells Mackey where to find the candy, but when Mackey gets there, all the candy is gone and two people lay unconscious on the ground.
The guard is dressed as Jason Voorhees, but is surprised that anyone went out as far as Mackey and Kenny did to trick-or-treat.
The neighbor across the street tells Mackey about e-scooters, but doesn't know where they came from either.
The reporter announces the situation in New York City: completely out of candy.
The officer is new. He covers his ears from the banging going on outside, but has his eyes on the TV further inside the station, and alerts Yates to the news report.