The Guest Stars of
"Tegridy Farms"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Joe, Clerk, Patron, Bodybuilder

Vape Rep, Vape Dealer, Vaping Man

Joe is the farmer Randy befriends out in the country, but he soon moves to Maui after a generous offer from the Vape Rep. This makes Randy take action to stop Big Vape from causing any more harm to the school kids. The clerk gives the vape dealer some vape pens. The patron asks what tegridy means. The bodybuilder dares Randy to say he's a pussy, and Randy knocks him out.
The vape rep tries to buy Randy's hemp product to add to his own line of vaping products, but Randy isn't having it. The rep later tries to stop the boys from collecting the vape liquid from the tanks, but Randy shows up with Towelie to defeat him. The vape dealer buys some products from the clerk, then goes to talk to the boys outside about his money. Butters hobbles him with a crowbar. The Vaping Man is a spoof of the Kool-Aid Man and first appears as Cartman's markeing gimmick. He and the dealer could be the same person.
The three kindergartners know about vaping and belong to the grade that has the largest number of vapers. Three syndicates vie for their business. The girl is Jenny, first seen in "Trapper Keeper." She likes lemon flavor. Quaid is the boy who blew smoke into Kyle's face and told him to "relax, bitch." The unnamed boy pretends he's a truck and likes raspberry flavor. Filmore is also here, but doesn't speak.
Ms. Blaze was first shown in "Lil Crime Stoppers" as a stripper in the Pepperment Rhino. She's appeared in "The Return Of Chef" and in the games as that stripper, but here she's the receptionist at South Park Elementary's administrative office. She directs Kyle to the principal's office, where he sees Cartman and Butters waiting to see the principal.