The Secrets of
"The Problem with a Poo"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

Heidi got her shape back. Gone is the Cartmanized Heidi, and so too is their relationship.

Gerald is back at work. No word on him trolling anyone this season.

School shootings have become a fact of life in South Park. Now the town is more and more like a big city.

Stan is now fully healed. The injury he suffered at the end of "Dead Kids" was not fatal (which is why Sharon was relieved) and not serious (his arm was in a sling for maybe a month in the show's timeline)

The preview clip presented a Kavanaugh-type hearing, but Mr. Hankey was Roseanne Barr all the way.

"Offensaive? What about me is offensive?" "Some people think shit isn't the best representation of Christmas." - references to The Problem with Apu (2017 documentary), in which The Siimpsons's Indian character Apu is discussed. The standup comic who made that documentary wanted Apu taken out of The Siimpsons because he is just a stereotype and not the best representation of Indian culture. The comic also didn't like that a white actor voiced Apu when it should have been an Indian actor. What about Apu was offensive, other than the stereotype? What about Mr. Hankey was offensive, other than the fact that he is a piece of poo?

"My civil rights are under sttack. They can't just fire me from the Christmas show! The whole thing is my creation!" - This, and the references to Ambien, take jabs at Roseanne Barr's "racist" tweet, “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.” vj stands for Valerie Jarrett, African-American who was born in Iran. Roseanne did create Roseanne.

Defecation, defamation, lol.

The discussion in the park centers around good role models gone bad, and this goes back to the first cases of sexual molestation upon children by Michael Jackson.

Manny - male nanny.

South Park 13 - a public access channel.

Mr. Hankey is Skankhunt42 redux. Mr. Hankey wasn't trolling anyone, but his lips were so loose he insulted everyone in town. Skankhunt42 did the same to the women he trolled back in Season 20.

"That's it, I've had enough of this whole fucking sham!" "Kyle, don't you understand this whole thing is a smear campaign?" - echoes Brett Kavanaugh's complaint that Dr. Ford's accusation was a left-wing smear campaign on his nomination, and thus a sham.

This episode establishes that the PC look includes Oakley sunglasses.

Kyle takes after his father: he's on keyboards when Mr. Hankey is on the mic.

Season 19 redux - the PC babies cry at trigger words like mothers, fathers, boys, girls, men, Oriental, etc.

All brand names in the baby aisle are fake so as to avoid paying fees to the brands they actually refer to:
Gurbur (Gerber)
Pompers (Pampers)
Nuzzies (Huggies)
Hearts (Luvs)

Maybe they did throw The Simpsons under the bus. The Bart in this episode has a man's voice compared to the Bart in the Cartoon Wars episodes. Springfield was called "a place that accepts racist, awful beings like him." (Randy ignoring that South Park has Eric Cartman, who is pretty racist himself) There's been a lot of talk about the quality of The Simpsons going downhill in recent years; that maybe that show should end soon.