The Guest Stars of
"The Problem with a Poo"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Lawyers Mr. Hankey visits

Male Lawyer and Female lawyer, J. Prewitt

Assuming the lawyers in the first pic are seated according to the names behind them, the male lawyer is Schulz, and the female lawyer is Tate. All the lawyers, though, kick Mr. Hankey out. Mr. Broflovski does so as well.

Food 4 Little Shoppers

Elderly Woman, Man 1 and Woman 1, Man 2

The first three shoppers here comment on how PC the babies look, and Man 1 elicits a cry from them when he tells them about Monica Lewinsky becoming a Republican. Man 2 elicits another cry when he asks where the Oriental food aisle is.

Hell's Pass Hospital

Dr. Bender, Female Nurse and Male Nurse

Dr. Bender talks to PC Principal about the quintuplets Strong Woman has given birth to, and notices that they're extremely PC, but doesn't connect the dots, instead going with Strong Woman's assertion that the babies' father doesn't exist. The female nurse tells Strong Woman that the babies are ready to be held. The male nurse is the first to see them cry, and realizes they're PC babies after looking at his own shirt.


Man 3, Man 4, Man 5, Woman 2 and Jogger, Girl and Mother

A councilwoman, Mr. Waithouse, Newscaster

Man 3 tells Mr. Hankey not to upset the babies. Man 4 tells Mr. Hankey PC babies sometimes don't know what they're crying about. Man 5 screams at Kyle for supporting pieces of crap. Woman 2 and the jogger comment on how PC the babies look. The girl norices that Kyle stinks, and her mother agrees and walks off with her.
The councilwoman is of the opinion tht shit isn't the best representation of Christmas. Mr. Waithouse questions Mr. Hankey about comments and tweets he's made against the town and its people over the years. The newscaster announces the end of the relationship between Mr. Hankey and the town.

Springfield Residents

Bart and Apu

Bart Simpson finds it cool that there's a talking piece of poo in Springfield. Apu officially welcomes Mr. Hankey to town.