The Secrets of
"A Boy and a Priest"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

We see that Stan's right arm is in a cast and sling as a result of being shot at the end of "Dead Kids."

The church has gotten quite the makeover since the early days. Now the interior and the exterior are more closely matched, but not exactly. The interior feels wider than the exterior. When Randy is greeting everyone, you can see three alcoves at the front of the church. Once everyone is inside, you only see two - the one on the left, where the statue of Mary is, is missing. After Fr. Maxi finishes the gospel reading, it's back.

Fr. Maxi ends his reading on the most famous New Testament verse, John 3:16.

Before Vatican II, all pronouns relating to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit were capitalized, but those same pronouns, used on everyone else, were lowercase.

Nelson and Ms. Nelson sit next to each other. I've wondered if they were married ever since she was unofficially introduced on a live tweet. No one has called her Ms. Nelson yet.

Did the CNN Anchor from "Member Berries" take up residence in South Park?

As the episode profresses, Stan's arm remains in a cast while Josie recovered quite well from the slipped disc in her neck. At the end of the episode, you can see that his arm is still in a cast.

An odd couple: Professor Chaos and Fr. Maxi.

This time it's the Church that's afraid one of its priests has become a pedophile.

Some fans have noted that Butters has become such a verstile character that he's exlipsed three of the other four boys, with Cartman being next. Being his own person, Butters has evolved in unexpected ways.

Fr. Maxi faces a crisis of faith.

The adults don't know what to do without a Sunday sermon to listen to - and make pedophile priest jokes about.

Butters is the cute one. Much of the fanbase agrees. :D

Kumby = ???, Kumboni = zamboni.

Fr. Maxi now has three deaths to account for, but he got rid of the cure that most people have been protesting for yezrs: the transfer of priests to new parishes where their pasts wouldn't come into play.

Fr. Maxi will never hear the end of it. He has the unenviable job of being an upstanding priest preaching to a congregation at ease with making fun of the pedophile priest scandal.

One can sing really well and not enjoy doing it. Kyle may hvae sung to Rebecca years ago to woo her or sung about being a lonely Jew on Christmas, but it's not something he likes to do otherwise.

"Four boys and a priest playing a board game!" - Trey failed to change the script to match the scene, which has five boys and a priest playing a board game.

Butters begins to sound like Kyle when he's trying to get Fr. Maxi to ignore what people say.

Parliament - Flash Light

Merle Haggard - Place to Fall Apart

Zapp & Roger - More Bounce To The Ounce

The Whispers - Itís a love thing

Why does the men's room at the rink have a circle onstead of a triangle onit?

Comparing the preview clip to the episode

Often, changes are made to a scene between the preview clip and the final aired clip. Here's this week's example:

Stephen:Hey Randy, what's up?Stephen:Hey Randy, what's up?
Randy:[driving] Stephen! Stephen, listen! The boys are missing! Their friends said they went camping with the priest!Randy:[driving] Stephen! Stephen, listen! The boys are missing! Fr. Maxi thinks they've been taken by the other priests!
Stephen:[jumps up from the sofa and walks away from it] Camping with the priest?? Should we call the police or buy some condoms? [smiles]Stephen:[jumps up from the sofa and walks away from it] Taken by priests?? Should we call the police or buy some condoms? [smiles]
Randy:[laughs] Oh, I get it. Okay-okay, that was good. [mood change] But seriously, I've checked the county parks. Where else could he have taken them?!Randy:[laughs] Oh, okay. Okay-okay, that was good. [mood change] But seriously, We've got to find these guys! The boys are in danger!
Stephen:I don't know where a priest would go camping!Stephen:But where would priests go this late at night?
Linda:To a midnight sale at Boys R Us?
Randy:What-what'd she say?
Linda:She said "To a midnight sale at Boys R Us."

Not everyone in South Park goes to church on Sunday. Wendy and PC Principal are missing from there, and Kyle is Jewish, so he's not there. Wendy's parents remain Catholic, however. On a somewhat related note, Jimbo wears his hat in church. That used to be frowned upon in the U.S. Church, but people did it anyway, so you do see people wearing hats in church on Sunday.