The Guest Stars of
"A Boy and a Priest"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Josie and Townsman, Ted and Hazel, Woman 1, Woman 2, Woman 3

Townsman 1, Townsman 2, Townsman 3, Townsman 4, Townsman 5

Mr. Mackey greets Ted and Hazel in the parking lot. Josie and her husband talk to Randy - he talks to the husband first when he notices Josie's not with him, then talks to Josie the following Sunday when she's all better. Woman 1 jokes about the Lord giving underwear to kids that priests couldn't pull down so easily. Woman 2 asks who mentioned the naked boy salad, Woman 3 asks what's going on when Randy and Ryan can't open the church doors.
Townsman 1 provides the jokes at the beginning and end of the episode, Townsman 2 announces that the church is open again and there are people in it. Townsman 3 is eager to go go go there to see what's going on, Townsman 4 is disappointed when he learns Fr. Maxi isn't there after all. Townsman 5 jokes about a priest at Chuck E. Cheese at the end of the episode.

The Archbishop and The Cleanup Crew

Archbishop; Assistant, Monsignor, Priest

The archbishop of Denver hears from Mr. Mackey about the missing priest and immediately fears that the priest has gone rogue, prompting him to call in the cleanup crew. The crew consists of a monsignor, an assistant, and a priest, who end up going around town cleaning up everywhere Fr. Maxi had visited before disappearing.