The Secrets of
"Dead Kids"
Original Title: "Dead People"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

A proper school-shooting episode, 19 years after Columbine.

"Did you not hear what your child said?! Kids died at his school!" - We only saw one student being carried to an ambluance on a stretcher, and that could have been the shooter. His body was covered in a blanket, so no one could see whom it was.

For this secret, your TV should have stereo speakers: When SWAT Officer 1 moves off to the left, you hear his voice coming from the left. The camera immediately switches to Mrs. Nelson's POV, but the sound doesn't switch sides. It should be coming from the right.

New place: Mala Vista Middle School in Jefferson County, CO. Mala Vista is the opposite of Buena Vista, heh.

Randy is drinking John Adams beer (for Samual Adams).

"I am not a racist" - no way anyone could believe that after all he's done, lol.

"Whatchoo talkin' 'bout Willis?" - From Diff'rent Strokes, Arnold Jackson's (Gary Coleman) signature line.

"Come on, Raj!" - From the '70s sitcom What's Happening?

"Over this way! Into the cafeteria! Right over there, m'kay- No, you shot the wrong one!" - Apprently, one of the offiers whot an innocent kid instead of the shooter.

It's refreshing to see Sharon up in arms this time, as Sheila normally handles that role.

"It's just. it's just once I'd like her to acknowledge it, you know?" - Randy's wrong here, but because no one else got as worked up about it as Sharon did, he assumed she was on her period. He thought it was so bad he convinced their friends about it, and that was messed up.

Cartman as a private investigator borrows from both Jessica Jones and Columbo.

Ah, the absurdity of the show! :D In the 4th shooting the Glee Club are the shooters. Randy rents out the lobby to win Sharon back, but school is in session. The security stations should still be on and the lobby well-lit on a school day. Randy sings through the gunfire, but there were few fatalities. End result: Mrs. Biggle's right arm is bandaged up from a bullet graze, and Randy has blood all over his suit.

Look closely at the aftermath of the first and fourth shootings: many of the people are present at both shootiings, in the same positions. Some are in the same positiions in relation to each other, but on differnt parts of the screen. There are more people in the aftermath of the fourth shooting than in the first. The music abruptly cuts off.

In their remodel of the house, Randy and Sharon took out their sliding glass rear door and put in a traditional door.

When Cartman leaves Token's mansion, he exits through the back door. Guess he didn't want anyone knowing he was visiting.

Look closely at the right side of this image

Still don't see it? Look at Ryan Valmer's arms. They're the only ones with shadows on them. Of course, the blankets and the police cars have shadows on them, but no other person has shadows on them like Ryan does.

Sharon's final statement in this ep, "It's not the end of the world," is a good indication that Stan wasn't killed, but he was shot and is likely hospitalized for a short while. Will have to wait until next Wednesday to see how he torns out.

Concerning Sharon, her period, and menopause...
(here's why South Park is not a kids' cartoon)

In "Spooky Fish" the fish killed Aunt Flo, and Sharon had to drag it away to bury it. When Randy gets home she says "I can't believe that Aunt Flo is gone, that she won't be visiting me ever again."

[At the end of the episode, Randy and Barbrady are talking]
Randy:I'm sorry my wife held you captive, officer. She's been upset 'cause her Aunt Flo isn't gonna visit her anymore.
Barbrady:Oh, I understand. I remember when my wife stopped getting her monthly visitor.

The subtext here is that Sharon wasn't going to get her period anymore, since Aunt Flo would drop by once a month to visit. That episode was explicitly about the end of menstruation and the beginning of menopause. It seems Matt and Trey forgot about that and decided that Sharon was still getting her period.

"Dead Kids" was about Randy mistaking Sharon's well-placed anger over school shootings with a bad period and tried to talk to his friends about it. Stephen suggested that it could be something bigger - menopause. As it turns out, they were both wrong, and Randy was wrong about Sharon having a bad period, since she didn't get her period until the morning Randy sang to her at the school. She had to drive her point home to him - that she wasn't going through menopause and she wasn't going through her period, she was seriously angry about the rash of school shootings going on around the country and our apathy towards that. But she's still getting her period.