The Guest Stars of
"Dead Kids"

by Wild Willie Westwood

SWAT Officer 1, SWAT Officer 2, Paramedic, Townsman

SWAT Officer 1 enters the classroom and makes sure it's clear. Mrs. Nelson continues her lesson despite the intrusion so her class doesn't panic. SWAT Officer 2 reports that the shooter is in the hallway, so he and SWAT Officer 1 head over and stop him. The paramedic talks to Randy about the significance of menopause in a woman's life. The townsman wonders why Sharon wants everyone to be sad.
We've seen the doctor already in "T.M.I." He deals in mental health, as he did anger management back then, and Sharon's issues here.
The boy we saw abducted in "Sons A Witches" now has a name: Billy. But no lines.