The Guest Stars of
"Splatty Tomato"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Bob White, Mrs. White, and Crystal White

These are the Whites. We met their son Jason seasons ago. Crystal sees the President outside her window and panics, which draws her father's attention. He tries to assure her that the President isn't in town, but then takes his wife to school the next day to confront the administration with questions about the liberal policies that led to Crystal's panic. After the President was captured, Bob took the gun from Officer Bright and had everyone step away from the President, then called his family over to join him. Moments later, Heidi takes the gun from him and threatens to kill Cartman, but Cartman takes it from her and threatens to kill himself, only to learn with everyone else that Garrison has escacped.

Townsman 1, Townsman 2

Townsman 1 asks how anyone could stay calm with a President running around the town and surrounding area torrorizing kids and eating small animals. Townsman 2 asks if there's a situatioin, no matter how unlikely, which would permit a sarcastic comment about the President.

Justin Trudeau, Officer Bright, Server

Justin Trudeau, charred as he is, issues an order for all Canadians, at home and abroad, to hunt the President down and bring him to justice. Ike takes up the challenge and captures the President. Officer Bright was brought in to track the Presient down, but fails in completing the task. Instead he finds PC Principal and Strtng Woman having sex inside a tent in the woods. The servver welcomes PC Principal and Strong Woman to Faggoncini for lunch with their student of the day, Butters. Strong Woman is worried about how people will react when they find out she's datig her superior. PC Principal tries to assure her that it won't be a big deal.