The Secrets of

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

Terrance and Phillip are quite old now. This is more for the fans of the show than for the kids, since the kids are still in 4th grade, but it's been 18 yeaers for us viewers since the movie. The payoff comes later in the episode.

It only takes one common enemy to end a fight and cause the fighters to make up. :D

There was a time when Canadian tires were square, but now they're round, as you can see on the tractor on The Terrance & Phillip Show.

You've seen American Gothic? Now there's Canadian Gothic, with Terrance holdiing the pitchfork.

Interesting that PC Principal would announce Strong Woman to the student body before announcing her to the faculty.

"If I were a man, you'd probably address me as Vice-Principal Woman" - probably, if his last name was actually Wooman.

A portrait of Andrew Jackson is in the Oval Office, which is important, as a similar portrait showed up behind Trump when he met with the Navajo code talkers a few days before this episode aired.

M.A.C. Protester 1 has one voice when he gives Kyle the phone to talk to Stan, a higher-pitched voice when he gives Kyle the phone to talk to the President.

One of the Netflix operators in "Franchise Prequel" now appears as president of the company. He gives Terrance and Phillip one last shot at TV, and they don't disappoint.

The Canadian Minister of Movies in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut returns here as the Canadian Minister of Streaming, and debates Kyle the same way he debated Sheila.

Kyle has become his mom.