The Guest Stars of

by Wild Willie Westwood

Strong Woman, Miss Heather Conduct, Dr. Gauche, Anchor Tom

More counterparts come to the show. We have Heidi becoming Cartman's counterpart in "Doubling Down," now we have Strong Woman entering as PC Principal's vice-principal, love interest, and counterpart; and Miss Conduct entering as Mr. Mackey's HR representative, love interest, and counterpart. Strong Woman won't take crap from PC Principal, but she does fall in love with him. Dr. Gauche has been seen before wearing the Dr. Doctor name tag, but now he has a different look than before and no name tag on his coat. Anchor Tom is here just because. :)

The Terrance & Phillip Show, on Netflix

Mexican street vendor, Black Canadian Girl, M.A.C. Protesters 1 and 2

Terrance and Phillip revive their Canadian show here in the States, but they do bring in guest Canadians of other nationalities to fart on. The first one is the Mexican street vendor who wants to sell them some chimichangas. The second one is a black girl selling Girl Scout cookies. Kyle's Millennials Against Canada barge in and stop production. M.A.C. Protester 1 becomes Kyle's personal assistant, handing him the phone when a call comes in for him. M.A.C. Protester 2 looks out a window to see what's going on, and alerts the crew that the National Guard is outside the sound stage.