The Secrets of
"Moss Piglets"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

This calendar in the Special Ed room has room for the regular 7-days-a-week calendar, but there are only five columns for the numbers instead of seven.

The four boys now have female counterparts: Wendy stands in for Stan, Heidi for Cartman, Theresa for Kenny, and Isla for Kyle.

In Heidi, Cartam has created... Cartman's Monster. She still claims to be vegan, but she downed them moss piglets like a pro! And she has acne, which Cartman doesn't have. And she belches, which Cartman doesn't do.

Mimsy has no guile - he says it straight and just takes the punches Nathan gives him.

"People change. They say you become more and more like the person you're with and, I guess it's true with Heidi." - somewhat surprising that she didn't speak from experience here, as she and Stan should be quite similar now after spneding at least 3rd and 4th grades together.

Octonauts - The Octonauts, a British children's television series featuring an underwater exploring crew made up of stylized anthropomorphic animals.

Never thought I'd hear any of the kids use "cock-blocker" on the show, lol.

The tables have turned in this episode. Heidi is now treating Cartman the way he treated her in the first half of the season, and Cartman is still powerless to do anything about it.

Birthday discrepancy: Clyde's birthday is April 10, as shown in "You Have 0 Friends," yet he's having a birthday in November here.

Kyle got over being dumped pretty quickly. Heidi being fat might have helped that along, lol.

Jerry Jones believes the End of the NFL is near.

For some reason, the lye, lighter fluid, and curling iron are back on Jimmy and Timmy's table after Heidi's assembly speech.

After Heidi dares Cartman to call her a bitch again, all the guns have been put away, and PC Principal and Mr. Mackey aer gone. Moments later, the two men return, but no guns are trained on them. Jones has his gun out again, however.

Isla's chatacter page at South Park Studios was up for a while before she was formally introduced on the show.

Isla did a wicked Cartman impression in "Doubling Down," but her voice is much softer in this episode.

"Moss piglets" was not said once in this episode.