The Guest Stars of
"Sons A Witches"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Chip Duncan

Chip is one of the men celebrating Jack and Crack Witch Week, a week-long local celebration ending on Halloween. This year he brings a book he got in Salem, Mass. and eventually reads from it. The incantation he utters brings about a transformation that makes him a real witch, and soon he's flying on a broom snatching up kids left and right. The other witches eventually call upon one witch who had to stop celebrating Witch Week with them due to an election victory. Mr. Garrison returns from Washington D.C. to put a stop to Chip. He has a death ray aim at Chip and incinerate him on the spot, liberating the kids he had hidnapped and the broom he rode.

Presidential Aide, Townsman, Leroy Jenkins' Parents

A Girl and her Mom, A boy and his Dad

The Presidential Aide tells President Garrison that Butters is on the phone with an urgent call, which was about Chip becoming a real witch, terrorizing the town and kidnapping children. A townsman alerts everyone about another witch coming in for a landing. That turned out to be Pres. Garrison. We finally get to see Leroy's parents, even though they didn't speak - they just welcomed him back when he escaped from the bag Chip had his kidnap victims in. Chip managed to kidnap four kids before the President took him down. This girl was the second girl to come out of the bag and says "Mommy! Daddy!" but we only see her mom. The boy we see here is the one Chip kidnapped first, so we see him and his dad here.

Officer Rick, Another Officer, Ticket-taker

I'd say Officer Rick Peterson, but Officer Peterson has gray hair, indicating middle age, while Officer Rick has chestnut-colored hair and so seems younger. The two have the same hair style, though. This second officer is new, as far as spoken lines go. He tells Yates that the witch has been seen over Ross Dress for Less, and Yates gets the whole department out to Ross. The ticket-taker allows Cartman and Heidi to enter the pumpkin patch even though it was about to close for the day. Later he's getting everyone out of the patch so Chip doesn't have anyone to harm there.