The Secrets of
"Hummels & Heroin"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

Chuck E. Cheese sings Prince's "Purple Rain" before dying: "Never meant to cause you any so-" Prince, too, died from opioids.

It's been suggested that Chuck E. Cheese's death in this ep is symbolic of the animatronnic Chuck E. Cheese mice that the pizza parlor chain is phasing out, but there are real people who dress up as Chuck E. Cheese to entertain the kids in the restaurants.

So the operation is... get some Hummels, give them to Ms. McGullicutty so she doesn't make trouble for you, she makes you crochet pillows to exchange for more Hummels from costumed characters kids know and love. Inside those pillows are medications that have not been prescribed by a doctor - it's these meds the characters are actually purchasing. A variation on this is the characters give the kids money for the pillows, which the kids can use to buy new Hummels for their grandparents. Ms. McGullicutty also takes the residents' meds away to keep them in check and sews the meds into the pillows.

Droups Adult Diapers - I'm thinking Depend Underwear

Sometimes it's top bitch, sometimes it's head bitch.

The boys are playing Bioshock Infinite, but in a mode not avaiilable in the actual game - split-screen.

Nelly Anderson - not the Nelly in 4th grade, as the kids shown at her party were kindergartners.

Stan knows Swiper is a woman - Grandpa Marvin told him whom to look for - but Marcus thinks Swiper is a man.

Heh, the retirement home likened to a prison. Solitaire = solitary, the top bitch in either place, residents cowering in feat as the top bitch makes his or her rounds.

Park County Coroner's office address: 502

Marcus is voiced by Josh Gad.

Songs in this episode:

Continental Five - Stress (original rapper)

Stitches - Brick In Yo Face (original rapper)

Killer Mike rapping about Hummels

Barbershop quartet sings:
Cypress Hill - Insane In The Brain
Kelis - Milkshake
Nirvana - Rape Me (with folksy verses added)
Spin Doctors - Two Princes
Green Day - When I Come Around

Casualties this episode:

Chuck E. Cheese
Dinkie Dook, the clown
Shimmer and Shine, two genies
Swiper, the fox
Peppa Pig