The Secrets of
"Franchise Prequel"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

General Medical Center - such a place used to be called a general hospital.

Chuckles Improv - reminds me of The Hollywood Improv on Melrose Av. and Kilkea Dr. in Los Angeles.

Continuity: Tweek is still preoccupied with North Korea, as seen on his Coon & Friends Facebook page post. Heidi is still seeing Cartman, though now he'd just like her to stay away when he's with the boys.

"You know what I think the problen is? Facebook." - Facebook has been in the news quite a bit lately. South Park also had an episode called "You Have 0 Friends," and Trey once had a Facebook page with his first wife, Emma. He only friended people he worked with, however. Once he and Emma divorced, their page disappeared.

"We were shocked to read that a young African-American boy is wearing Tupperware and defecating on girls as they sleep." - Steve somehow forgot that his son is the only African-American boy in town, heh.

"That'll never happen." - A few years ago a lot of young people left Facebook because they saw their parents join and begin posting. Theh younger generation moved to newer social media like What's App and Instagram.

The way Mark Zuckerberg behaves in this episode reminds me of how Tom (Anderson) was your first friend on MySpace.

When Mark Zuckerberg speaks, his lips are not in sync with the words, which could be either a parody of bad dubbing of Asian movies, or of bad syncing in this VR video Mark and his VR chief Rachel Franklin made for Facebook during the recent hurricane in Puerto Rico. He also talks like Worf from Star Trek: The Next Generaton.

Cartman's kitchen has NOT been renovated, since his house in TFBW still has the discarded style other homes ditched for the open-space concept earlier this season.

There are some subtle changes to the franchise plan shown at the beginning and at the end of the episode. See if you can spot them. :)

Here's how the franchise plan looked when gameplay was first shown 16 months ago