The Guest Stars of
"Franchise Prequel"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Mark Zuckerberg, Man 2, Woman 2

The parents find their kids dressing up as superheros and hear about them peeing and pooping in girls' mouths and stuffing stuff up their asses. Only them dressing as superheroes is true. The parents invite Mark Zuckerberg to speak to them about Facebook's dealings with these fake reports, but he makes himself at home and overstays his welcome. Coon and Friends finally take action, forcing Zuckerberg to shut down Facebook and having Stephen, Butters' dad, take Butters to Moscow and ground both Butters and Vladimit Putin for using Facebook to spread chaos around town and around the world. When Zuckerberg speaks in the school gym, Man 2 brings up Facebook's role in disrupting communities and nations, but Zuckerberg accepts no blame in this. Woman 2 doesn't get a chance to finish speaking, as Zuckerberg shuts her down with his weird behavior.

Some of Professor Chaos' Minions

Adam Borque, Chaos #35, Worker 1, Worker 2

As Professor Chaos, Butters has established his base of operations at an abandoned Circuit City store, which he's refashioned as Chaos City. He has a team of workers in there already, but he's always got space for one more. Into this space goes Adam Borque, who signs up to write fake news to post on Facebook in order to make a little money. Chaos #35 hides when Coon and Friends come looking for Butters. Workers 1 and 2 tell Butters about Facebook disappearing from their workstations.

Wilson Aubrey, Netflix Operators 1 and 2

Wilson Aubrey is one of several kids Coon and Friends visit to find out why he's no longer following them on Instagram. Wlison tells Cartman why, and Cartman tries to change his mind about his source - Facebook. This frightens Wilson, who shuts the door on him. Netflix operator 1 fields Cartman's call, but passes on the Coon and Friends series because of the Facebook fake news he's read about them. Operator 2 takes a call about a series featuring transsexual dragons.

There are five people who are heard but not seen, or seen from the side. They are: the doctor, who tells the Valmers that their son will never be able to walk, but will be great at comedy; the elderly couple whose dinners Zuckerberg hijacks - at least the man's soup, heh; the man in the beginning of the episode who wondered what on Earth that was that zipped past him; and the woman who's heard screaming off screen, whom Jimmy saves from a pickpocket.