The Guest Stars of
"Put It Down"

by Wild Willie Westwood

News Anchors

Anchor 1, Anchor 2, Female Anchor

These anchors cover Tweek's gift of cupcakes to Kim Jong-un, and the President's tweeted response to them. The President ascribes a defiant motive to Tweek's act and asks kids around the country to support Tweek.


Hannah Williams, Gary Borkovec, Boy

Hannah Williams follows Tweek as the next singer, but Tweek's dire song frightens her and she cries while she sings "Wheels On The Bus." Gary Borkovec is one of the four kids in the "Stop Distracted Driving" group handing out awareness fliers. He is also the first victim of a distracted driver in this episode, and shows up as one of the fatalities in the message at the end of "Put It Down." The boy holding the memorial service for Gary is called Henry in the subtitles, but isn't referred to that in the dialog. Heidi walks up to him, takes the mic, and tells Cartman to stop making suicide awareness about himself.

Couples in Cars

Driver 1 and Wife, Father and Son, Mother and Daughter, Brian and Nancy

Driver 1 and his wife ran over Gary after the wife tells him there's an innocent child in front of them, and the school mourned him the next day with candles. The father and son were in an autopia ride when the son warns his dad to watch out. The car jumped the track, crushed through the bushes lining the tracks, and killed a girl who turned around too late to escape. The daughter tells her mom to watch out, but the mom ends up killing at least six kids - five in the Crazy Cars ride and one in the open area of the amusement park. In "Put It Down," Nancy gets a message that she's been elected President. Brian congratulates her and tells her to put down her phone, which she does. No kids died from her driving. There are a driver and her husband who ran over an infant outside the supermarket, but we only get side views of them, so they're not here.

People in "Put It Down"

The Governor, Townsman, McDonald's Manager, Doctor

The governor reminds people to put down their phones if they're being President (i.e., distracted drivers). The townsman, manager, and doctor all pledge to end distracted driving.


Shopper, Diner

The shopper lauds Cartman on raising suicide awareness, and Cartman asks him to spread the word. The diner is glad to hear he's been elected President, then promptly says goodbye and hangs up.