The Secrets of
"White People Renovating Houses"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

Songs parodied here:
Joni Mitchell - Help Me
Kendrick Lamar - Humble
Substitutions made in "Humble" - "dude" for "nigga," and "hook" for "stroke."

Hat McCullough and Rancher Bob are among the protesters.

Most of the protesters have appeared on the show before, notably in "Goobacks," "With Apologies To Jesse Jackson," "W.T.F.," and "You're Getting Old"

City Sushi has made way for Skeeter's Wine Bar, heh. Something that happened two years ago, but I jsut noticed it now.

Heidi wears the same pajamas Gerald wears, but for her size, with a pink collar.

"I do the construction and practice MMA in my spare time." - directly from the intro to "Flip or Flop: Vegas."

Sharon's lack of enthusiasm shows she doesn't look comfortable in front of the camera.

Protocol Zero must be a brand name for hammers in South Park, lol. Gerald used one last season and Randy is using one in this episode.

Remember the Burger King Google Home commercial? Most likely where Matt and Trey got their inspiration for this episode. :)

After Darryl's house is renovated, his armchair has a little Confederate heart pillow on it. The pillow now reads "DON'T TREAD ON ME" over the flag.

Josh Gad, Olaf in Frozen and Elder Arnold Cunningham in "The Book Of Mormon," was a consultant in this episode alongside Bill Hader.