The Guest Stars of
"White People Renovating Houses"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Eddie, Jim Bob, Cletus

Protester 2, Protester 3, Protester 4, Protester 10


Eddie just says "It ain't right" in response to Darryl's complaint that automation is taking jobs away from rednecks like them. He was previously seen in "With Apologies To Jesse Jackson" as the driver of the truck which had Protester 6 in the passenger seat and Skeeter in the back.
Jim Bob is hired to be the Cartmans' personal assistant while Cletus serves as Crunchy's Micro Brew's personal assistant.
As Protester 1, Cletus says "They took our jobs!"
Protester 5 gets into a pepper spray battle with Randy. He was previously seen in "W.T.F." as Redneck 13.
Protester 6 was the passenger in the truck driven by Eddie and which had Skeeter in the truck bed in "With Apologies To Jesse Jackson".
Protester 7 is one of the two ranchers introduced in "You're Getting Old" as a janitor.
Protester 8 is the Skynard Man from "Goobacks," for the Skynard cap he wears.
Protester 9 is Skeeter, the redneck who took aim at Randy for being "the nigger guy" in "With Apologies To Jesse Jackson" and was Redneck 1 in "W.T.F."

Now for the new protesters and the Judge:
Protesters 2 and 3 run up to the camera and make some noise. Protester 2 waves a Confederate flag in front of the camera and says "Yeeeeah! Suck it, Alexa!" while Protester 3 comes up and says "Eat shit, Siri!" Protester 4 waves his flag at the Amazon Echo on the ground during the protest and waves it again in the courtroom when Protester 5 notices a bee hovering nearby. Protester 10 comes in to cool Protester 5's soup with a Confederate flag when Protester 5 complains that the soup is too hot.
The judge hears the case of the Marshes vs. the rednecks, but doesn't come to a decision. Randy instead goes for a truce - he'll get all the redneck protesters jobs.