The Secrets of
"The Poor Kid"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

Matt and Trey have officially christened Kenny's sister Karen, after several years of people using that name for her in fanfics and other unofficial places. Score one for the fans!

Kevin McCormick wears braces, but not a retainer like Shelley wears.

Stan's voice has gone back to a higher pitch.

Guess the Weatherheads' freezer is locked up so no one can get to the good stuff in there.

Wow, Dr Pepper used as a punishing liquid as well as a pleasant one.

Hm, tickets are for free lunches, coupons for discounted lunches.

gross yearly income after taxes = net yearly income.

No recent shows in particlar seem to be paried here, but "White Trash... In Trouble!" is a COPS like show, since camera crews accompany the police to the residences of people about to be arrested for white-trash crimes involving Pabst Blue Ribbon and/or meth labs.