The Guest Stars of
"The Poor Kid"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Greeley Elementary

Boy 2 and Boy 1, Girl 1, Boy 3, Melissa Pinkerton, Greeley Principal

Boys 1 and 2 are Kenny's classmates in Greeley Elementary. Boy 1 tells Cartman whom the poorest boy in school is - Jacob Hallory - then asks Kenny if Cartman gloated in song and dance in his old school. Boy 2 mentions that Jacos's mom can't hold a job because of depression after his father died. Girl 1 alerts the principal about Karen about to be beaten up. Boy 3 says maybe Melissa Pinketton shouldn't beat Karen up. Melissa tells him to shut up and is about to beat Kaern up when Mysterion appears and whisks Karen away. The principal hears about Cartman's actions and calls him in to the office. He also calls Mr. Adams in to tell him what happened.

Life in Foster Care

Mr. Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Weatherhead, Melissa and David, Girl 3

Mr. Adams works for Child Protective Servies and sometimes works with the police to place kids in foster care. He places the McCormick kids into the Weatherhead foster home, where there are 9 kids alreoady present - this fills their quota of 6 boys and 6 girls. Cartman is sent there later. The kids have chores to do around the house, but the house is somewhat dilapidted. David doesn't know if he believes in God, and indeed, if he believes in anything. Melissa doesn't know what Dr. Pep-er, in both forms, is supposed to taste like. Girl 3 is certain that she saw Karen's guardian angel, but is told not to believe in such certainties.
One other boy had a line, but he wasn't fully shown, and there wasn't a good shot of him, so he's not in here.

White Trash ..In Trouble!

Narrator, Man 1 and Woman 1, Woman 2 and Woman 3

The Narrator is the host of "White Trash... In Trouble!," and the case the show is covering this week is the McCormick case, from the arrest of their parents to the arrest of the Weatherheads. Man 1 and Woman 1, Woman 2 and Woman 3 are people who have appeared on the show and are now in the opening credits for that show.
I'd have included the police in this episode, but eh, they only had one or two lines each.