The Guest Stars of

by Wild Willie Westwood

Board Rep amd Receptionist, Stephen Tamil amd friends

The board rep announces the results of the Presidential Fitness Exam to the assembled students, with the revelation that one fourth grader made the school fail because of his size. Jimmy and Butters visit him to ask that Cartman's score be dropped so the school average could rise enough for the school to pass the exam, but the rep won't do it. Later, he and the receptionist have to deal with the Occupy Red Robin movement, which consists of Jimmy and Butters protesting for the 99% of students who passed the exam. The movement by itself is small, but there are a lot of media and emergency services. Stephen Tamil (the fifth grader in the middle) plots to avenge the other students by making Cartman pay. The suspicions Stan and the others have, though, don't materialize. Instead, Stephen and two other fifth graders make their own protest signs singling out the fourth graders. Bickering over the 1% leads to class warfate between the fifth graders and the fourth graders.

Officers 1 and 2, Firemen 2 and 1

Officers 1 and 2 help Sgt. Yates manage crowd control at the Occupy Red Robin movement. Officer 1 shows him where the police are positioned, and officer 2 tells him about the stage some officers are building for Bon Jovi, as the police will need some entertainment while they cover the movement.

Field Reporter 1, Field Reporter 2, Field Reporter 3

Female Reporter 1, Female Reporter 2

The various field reporters cover the Occupy Red Robin movement. Reporter 1 seems to be focused on Butters, as he was waiting by the restroom for Butters to come out after his movement. Field reporter 3 and the second female reporter cover the class warfare that erups between the fifth graders and Butters and Jimmy.

Coach, Muscleman Marc, Red Robin Patron

The coach leads the classes through exercises in compliance with the Presidential Fitness Program. When the fourth grade class was with him, he had them climb ropes. Muscleman Marc was one of Cartman's new toys, but he was boiled to death by Polly Prissy Pants. The Red Robin patron loves the A1 Peppercorn Burger.