The Guest Stars of
"Broadway Bro Down"

by Wild Willie Westwood

The Directors

Andrew Lloyd Webber, Stephen Schwartz, Elton John, Stephen Sondheim
Representative, Elton John before

These four directors come to South Park to have a word with Randy. They're not happy that he's brought subtext to the fore, as it threatens to destroy the Broadway business model - to bring couples back for more after the men receive blowjobs from their wives or girlfriends, and make money off that. Stephen Sondheim later has a bro down with Randy, after which they have a bro out at Hooters. The representative visits Randy at the playhouse to tell him the directors would lkie to talk to him.
Elton John looks more real than he did back in Season 2's "Chef Aid."

Man 1, Elderly Man, Usher, Audience Member, Field Reporter

Man 1 talks to Randy after Randy goes out for a drink during "Wicked" while Sharon remains seated. The man tells Randy that plays are worth watching because of the benefits you get after watching one. :) Later, when Randy's daughter Shelley is watching "Wicked" with Larry, Randy realizes the implications the subtext could have for her, so he goes after her to pick her up. While Randy tries to get Shelley to go hom, an elderly man wants Randy to speak quietly so he can enjoy the play with his granddaughter. Randy is soon kicked out of the theatre by the ushers and breaks a window so he can get a Spider-Man outfit. He dresses as Spider-Man and reenters the theatre. He goes up to the rafters and starts swinging from them, knocking out some of the "Wicked" cast. An audience member remarks that it's Spider-Man swinging here and there. During one of the swings, Randy bursts open a water main and floods the theatre. Finally, after Randy ruins the play, everyone leaves the theater except for one boy, who drowned from all the water flooding the theatre. The field reporter covers the unfortunate accident.

Man 3, Lady 1 (Queen of Blowjobs), Lady 2, Man 4

These four are part of the cast for Randy's play. The directors are mad at Randy for making his play all about blowjobs instead of keeping the blowjobs hidden under the main story.

Mr. and Mrs. Feegan, Larry (between them)

The Feegans are vegans, but also survivalists of a sort - they all wear life jackets. Somehow, Larry Feegan got fat and for that the other kids at his school make fun of him. Doubly so since vegans aren't normally fat. Shelley shands up for him against his parents. He and Shelley go see "Wicked" but when Randy ruins the show, Larry is the only one who doesn't get out in time - and he drowns.

Worker 1, Bob, Randy, Man 2, Worker 2

Workers 1 and 2 work with Randy and Nelson at the USGS. Bob Black and Steven Stotch join them after hours along with Man 2.