The Secrets of
"Bass To Mouth"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

Stan and Cartman sound a little too much alike here.

Topics referenced in this episode: teen suicides over embarassing incidents (some kids can't live them down, so they grow isolated, depressed, and then suicidal), TMZ, Wikileaks, the News Corps phone-hacking scandal

Stan's cynicism seems to have gone away, as he's laughing normally at some videos from an online magazine.

Eavesdropper spoofs TMZ.

The girl Cartman tries to get a lunch date with was one of the creators of ... the List. :D Her name is Jenny Simons, the first of several new kids we meet or see this episode (the others are Elise Thompson. Emily, Tammy. Jen Marx. Tommy Edwards. Marla Watkins. and Vernon Trumsky).

I wonder if Jenny remembers Patty Nelson, whom Cartman kissed in "La Petite Tourette's."

Horsey sauce - short for horseradish sauce, hot to the taste.

Guess I'll go with mkay from now on, seeing as the suicide note Mr. Mackey drew up in Cartman's name has "mkay" instead of "m'kay on it." And "nkay" too, since Mr. Mackey is saying that now.

Craig's cell phone provider is Singular. The other iPhones might have the same provider. Cartman's phone doesn't display a provider.

Last names still vary somewhat: Kenny's last name is shown as McKormick.

Butters' laugh is a leprechaun laugh.

Lemminwinks has a brother - Wikileaks, a gerbil with a Julian Assange haircut.

"I've done an extensive profile, and I've narrowed it down to somebody in this very room!" - shades of Dr. Mephesto when he was presenting the list of Cartman's possible fathers back in "Cartman's Mom Is A Dirty Slut."

Wikileaks puts in Jen Marx instead of Emily.

The Frog King in "The Death Camp of Tolerance" is here called the Frog Prince by Sparrow Prince.

The fight between the two gerbils mirrors the one in They Live, just like the one between Jimmy and Timmy did back in season 5.

"That's not gonna be on Wikileaks!" - Oops, Mr. Mackey, should have said Eavesdropper.

Vernon could be a third grader, even a second grader.

The shoe brand: Konverse

The birds are tweeting - Twitter