The Guest Stars of
"Bass To Mouth"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Jenny Simons, Tammy Nelson and Emily, Tommy Edwards

Cartman figures Jenny Simons (whoom we've seen before, but whose name we didn't get until this episode) would make a nice victim - er - date, so he brings some cupcakes from home and offers her one. She poops her pants later, and much worse than Pete Melman. She breaks down in class and attempts a suicide from the school roof, but survives. Tammy and Emily confess to each other that their moms have drinking problems, but Wikileaks is eavesdropping and soon puts those confessions into Eavesdropper. Tommy Edwrds is typing a confession into his iPhone and Wikileaks steals it, putting that confession into Eavesdropper too.

Vernon and his mom, Selena Gomez, Pete Melman

The kids come looking for Vernon and his mom shows them in. They don't find Vernon, but they're here for Lemmiwinks, whom they find in Vernon's room. Vernon finds them and calls for him mom, but he doesn't know that she let them in. Cartman demands payment for his services, but it's not money he wants. He waants to see Selena Gomez beat up, and Mr. Mackey obliges him. Mackey has Adler bring her in and then take her away after he punches her a few times. The episode begins with reports of Pete Melman pooping his pants, and the faculty tells Cartman to see Pete through this. Instead, Cartman figures everyone will forget about Pete if someone else poops in his pants worse than Pete did, and he chooses Jenny Simons for that.