The Secrets of
"The Last of the Meheecans"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

The Last of the Mohicans, heh.

Some know the game the boys are playing as Cowboys and Indians, some know it as Freedom. The aim is to cross the border and gain your freedom. Or at least gain a higher salary so you can send money back to your family in Mexico.

When Jimmy crosses the border there are two Cartmans - one still patrolling at the top of the border, the other on the ground looking at Jimmy.

When the boys are asleep, Kyle, Stan, Clyde and Craig have the old ovals over their eyes. The other kids just have lines drawn over their faces to indicate they're sleeping.

anuncios - announcements. Posters and billboards are two forms of announcements.

"Wow, times are really changing" should be "Wow, times have changed."

"Mantequilla tiene derecho" should be "Mantequilla tiene razón." "Mantequilla tiene derecho" means "Butters has the right"

"para atras" should be "de regreso"

Randy's "NOOOOOO" is the actual Star Wars sound clip, and Cartman echoes it later on in the episode.

Butters appearing before the Mexican crowd naked and commanding their attention comes from The Life Of Brian.

The fat border patrol officer calls the other officer Charlie when we first see them, then calls him Marcus when the volunteers are present to be briefed.

Border Patrol Officer Andrews' first name is either Charlie or Marcus.

"Nada que declara" should be "Nada que declarar"

El Río Bravo is konwn as the Rio Grande in the US.

"¡Respeto mi autóridad!" should be ¡Respeta mi autoridad!